Punk Rock Forever

Just remember: you are never too old to be punk rock!
  • come on ladies show us your personality!!!!! these ladies are a pure example of how to express yourself

  • This is fabulous!

    Great style at all ages!! It actually even looks better on ladys with Advanced style..


    Lost of love from
    Leaves you wanting more

  • amazing

  • Love it!

  • These ladies rock!"

  • Very punk rock. Love.

  • Better and better! I never met some pretty funcky old women in Paris, soo classic, snob and boring! Maybe, it is one of reason America it is country of freedom, and give soo much inspiration in the worlds! I like fashion but I love art like Barnett Newman and old fresh lady in the street! Soo nice!^

  • the second remind me the amazing Cyndi Lauper!!! *_*

  • that jacket is amazing!!!

  • right on!
    i LOVE it!

  • Madwhelmina, Switzerland

    They are fabulous. Age gives one confidence to dress creatively. I love this blog site. Thanks Ari Seth Cohen.

  • Anonymous

    Love them– my guess is that they WERE the NY Punks, in the '70s. A lot of your photos remind me of when the City was just jammed packed full of such individuals (downtown and uptown)– people didn't used to care so much about conforming. Inspiring!

  • Right on! These betties are RAD!

  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Feisty! Yeah 😀

  • These photos are just too cute! I love the attitude displayed by these ladies. They are both adorable. Wanda in Edmonton

  • k

    best AS post ever! i want to see some old gothic women too! 🙂

  • Rock on sisters!

  • And with age becomes more refined (punk)style.

  • Anonymous

    That's my friend, Rosemary Ponzo.

  • This looks like my best friend 😀


  • 😀

  • Haha I love this SO much xx


  • this is the best thing ive ever seen.

  • This is what I'm talkin' about! If you FEEL IT wear it!!! This is liberating on so many levels. More of this please.

  • Rock on, ladies 🙂

    ~ Kieli ~

  • Confidence rocks!

  • Ooooooh i love there look, and my mother was telling me i was too old for red hair…i am only 43, i am going to paint my hair red again!

  • Age of fashion is so timeless when the individual struting down the catwalk of style knows how to enjoy life and loves the world she possess . The bold array of colors and or patterns expresses the age old expression "loving life" throwing out all the life adventures in uniqueness and adornment. Punx not dead. Carry on with your rock on inspiring selves. Worldly Beautius at its best……
    Kiss kiss from the bakelite queen bee muse

  • Fashionmista

    Two of the most fabulous photos on a fabulous site. Love the punkette in the divine leather. Love the punkette in the white with the super fierce pose. You have such advanced attitude ,darlings xx