Today Show Tomorrow

I’m heading to bed early because I have an exciting day ahead of me. Ruth, Jacquie, Ilona, Joyce and I are going to be featured on The Today Show between 9 and 10am. These four very special women, also appearing in my upcoming book and documentary, will be representing ageless style. I will post a clip of our television debut as soon it appears online tomorrow!

  • How exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing you and "the Ladies" in the am. I know you'll all be gorgeous.

  • *** Ari, that FIRST PIC is just my FAVE, FAVE, FAVE!!! She's sooooo DARLING… soooo, well, Audrey Hepburn-ish~~~ and I always ADORED her, her elegance AND special, true-at-heart "impishness" (if that's a word!!!)…

    I will be tuning in tomorrow, "FOR SUUUURE!!! "GO GETTUM' TIGER (and TIGRESSES"!)…


    Linda in AZ *

  • The first image is just gorgeous!

  • Me encanta la señora pelirroja, vaya toque de pestañas. Muy atrevida.

  • The last two girls are perfect! so inspirating

  • Wish you luck!
    I'm sorry I can not watch this in Norway. I am a fan of your project 🙂

  • …and I am a fan of these ladyes of course! 🙂
    Please tell them they have fans in Norway!

  • Great! So great… wow 🙂

  • Excelente video.

  • I am watching you right now! You are beautiful and inspiring, and I am so glad the Today Show introduced me to you and your blog!


  • I'm way over in Kuwait watching you on The Today Show right now. Congrats! Tammy

  • Just saw you guys on Today Show. Loved it! I'm 64 and my mom is 91 so I'm so interested in being the best older gal I can be. Glad to find your blog. Sandra

  • Just saw you guys on Today Show. Loved it! I'm 64 and my mom is 91 so I'm so interested in being the best older gal I can be. Glad to find your blog. Sandra

  • Great work, Ari and ladies! Saw you on Today–you were mahvelous! Good luck with the book and thank you for the inspiration.

  • Just watched it!
    The ladies did an amazing job and you looked great!

    Good luck with your documentary, it's going to be AMAZING!


  • I've always loved your blog. It was nice to see these beautiful ladies on the Today Show this morning. They are the original fashionistas. They not only have good taste but they have good health, are graceful and free.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Congratulations Ari, Joyce, Ilona, Jacquie and Ruth! This morning's Today show segment was exciting! All of you ladies exude the confidence and poise that can only come with aging gracefully. Thank you for your inspiring sense of fashion style, your philosophy and for the warm smiles and sparkle within your eyes. It's apparent that you are still very much in love with life and growing in grace and beauty with each passing year.
    Thank you, Ari, for introducing the world to these marvelous women. My own little world is much richer for having gotten to know them through the posts on your blog and through the television segment this morning. Bravo! I applaud you all!

  • Rebecca

    I was so excited to see the beautiful Advanced Style ladies this morning. They exuded elegance, playfulness and joy. Ari, you looked so proud of them and have done us all a lasting service by introducing them and their positive energy to us all.
    Again, thank you and I can't wait for your book.

  • Really enjoyed seeing everyone on the show, can't wait to get the book!


  • They are beautiful

  • wow nice

  • These ladies are just too amazing. Your blog is also too amazing!!! I love that you do this.

  • Amazing! And First picture is like: This is my bag and I won't give you my lovely bag ! Never