A Vintage Red Hat

I was out walking when I noticed this woman and her beautiful red hat a few blocks ahead of me. I quickly ran up to her and asked if I could take her photograph. I told her that I loved her red hat and she replied, ” I don’t usually wear hats, but this one is my favorite. Everyone compliments it.” I am always on the look out for a  great hat!

  • That is a gorgeous hat–love the shape and the colour.

  • That hat is so cute!!!

  • Not to mention the COLLAR! My goodness! xxoo

  • Nice hat and she looks great in it. Her big smile tells me she is a happy person. Thanks for sharing.

  • Fantastic hat, and I love her eye make up.

  • So beautiful!
    I want that hat for me. 🙂


  • Your blog is a joy to read every time, so inspiring. I was in Milan recently and walking on via Fiori Chiari I saw a beautiful lady outside a store, I smiled and said: "I know you!" in fact I had admired her images on this blog. We chatted long time in that superb industrial antiques store. The world is shrinking!

  • Fabulous hat and she is simply Darling!!!!
    Darling Bonnie

  • the hat is only the cherry on the top – look at that collar, that coat, that make-up, that hair – fabulous!


  • That little red hat is adorable, not to mention her fabulous fur- collared coat!

  • *** … and I can see WHY they do (compliment her on it, that is!)… SHE LOOKS ABSOLUTELY MAHHHHVELOUS!! There's SO much VITALITY present!!!-!

    Linda in AZ *

  • That hat is simply too cute! And I love red.

  • That red hat is awesome! I need to get one of those! And saw you and the lovely ladies on the Today Show! Congratulations!


  • Beautiful..everything about her!
    Congratulations on the Today Show..unfortunately the clip would not load for me, neither here nor on the NBC website. But I am sure the ladies were spectacular!
    – Irina

  • Ari, all the women on your blog are breathtakingly beautiful. I adore the structure of this little red hat. I love hats too but I have to be careful that they don't swallow my tiny head! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful, interesting people. I'm 49, and I don't know if that makes me "advanced" or not, but here in Vancouver, in the land of yoga pants and hiking gear, it doesn't seem to take much! I always check your site for inspiration.

  • Oh, I just love the hat!

  • I like it… old style but looks great.

  • I saw the TV show fashion just now and when I saw the pictures from your event, I was actually moved to tears.

  • I love hats and I love bows, so when they unite and merge in perfect harmony, its always a visua treat!

  • Wow, this blog is amazing! 🙂 Haven't seen something like this before 🙂 Best wishes

  • how charming she looks! the hat is great with her lovely hair.

  • Ben

    I like her eye makeup. It compliments her eye color. 🙂


  • Great hat and a great style that will look good on anyone at any age.

  • The hat is her crowning glory!

  • I want to steal every of these ladies wardrobes…

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely loooove that red hat!
    Cathy G

  • Quilley

    I Love your site, I come regularly and love all the stylin' women. I know a woman you would love to meet: Lynne Merchant, a jeweler in Solana Beach on Cedros St. – that's her shop, and she can be found most days. SHe is fabulous. She should be gracing your pages because she turns heads wherever she goes! Google her.