Elegance at Eighty

Jacquie looks incredible not even considering her age, but at 81 she’s even more of an inspiration for us all to continue to dress up and feel great. She designed this gorgeous striped dress out of material she found at a fabric store. I love getting together with her and hearing about all of her adventures, dancing at The Apollo Theater, and listening to her plans for the future.Over the past 80 years Jacquie Tajah Murdock has never stopped dancing and never stopped dressing.

  • I love her dress, and her lilac tights/socks. She looks amazing.

  • Love the elegant Jacquie! She has fabulous personal style and that enviable dancer's posture. Just beautiful!

  • Such a lovely lady! You have to design your own clothing to wear flatteringly gorgeous vertical stripes.

  • ahestebeste

    All The Advanced Style Women so chic so incredible and sophisticated.Thank you sharing.I wish, I look like them my next years.

  • I am passing on The Versatile Blogger Award to you! 🙂 Thank you for being an inspiration to us all. Please do not feel you have to respond but just wanted to let you know and hope it brings people your way!

  • She looks great!
    The outfit si so modern…

  • She looks fabulous and I love the dress.

  • She is an inspiration…and I love the lavender tights!

  • So inspiring! What a beautiful lady…If I could be half that vibrant when I reach her age I'd be so happy 🙂

  • wow!

  • I am also so impressed by her posture and carriage.

  • Such brilliance to pair the lavender with the golds and green. I see her dancing even when she's standing still.

  • I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago & what beauiful photos!

  • Bella

    I love this blog so much! It's so great to see all these well-dressed, old people, always looking so proud and beautiful. It's such an inspiration!

  • Jacqui always looks so polished and elegant. I love the bold stripes of the dress.

  • Jacquie can't be 81…….she doesn't look a day over 70!

    she looks amazing; such poise!

    Chi-Chi (LDN,UK)x

  • Sally

    Jacquie is the cat's meow! Fabulous posture. Shows what dance can do for you.

  • Jacquie looks just amazing. Her style and flair is inspirational.

  • Ms.Jackie worked at NYU when I was in college and always had the most amazing stories. I'm so happy to see her looking beautiful and living her life. Amazing!