Elegant Simplicity

Sometimes the most simple fashion statements are the most elegant. This woman’s stunning appearance is highlighted by her pearl earrings and lovely makeup choices. I asked how she would describe her style and she replied,”Elegant Simplicity.”

  • I really like her eye make up!

  • This women is such a stunner…..I am overjoyed at finding your brilliant site! " quiet elegance…" would do nicely as well…..

  • i really think the purple eyeshadow suits her great! 🙂


  • I think she looks lovely. The red cardigan, the grey hair, the purple eye make-up. Fabulous.

  • Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me encanta!! me lo paso genial viendo a estas personas luciendo su edad , están todos estupendos!!
    Bss Cristina Huarte

  • Sally

    This lady is so beautiful! Her face just glows. There is so much behind those eyes. I bet she is a dear and kind lady.

  • What a gorgeous woman, and look at that fabulous hair. Dare to aspire! 🙂


  • She's gorgeous!!!!
    Darling Bonnie

  • I love the subtle use of color. Her make-up is marvelous, and the pale blue strap of her handbag plays just right with the color of her berry-hued sweater. An elegant beauty.

  • marly harris

    Oh, the beautiful expression, the natural gossamer hair, the unBotoxed face = this woman is a delight.

    A funny thing has happened to me since I began reading this blog. Every morning when I leave my apartment, I look at myself in my hallway full-length mirror and imagine that Ari is going to photograph me so, how do I look?

    So far, I've been batting 100% despite the shar-pei neck which now doesn't bother me so much.

  • sandy

    she's beautiful! Wow…

  • her skin is luminous!Simple and sophisticated.

  • *** A lovely, elegant and I'll bet FULL-of-FAB-STORIES-to-SHARE LADY!

    My FIRST IMPRESSION??? LOVED the hair, with the red sweater & the color of the strap of her handbag, annnnd the gazillion mm pearl earings!!!!

    As always, thanks Ari!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  • *** P.S… LOVE the horn button, too!!! ***

  • Beeautifulll!!!!

  • Oh my, she's so beautiful!!!

  • Simply elegant 🙂

    ~ Kieli ~

  • Anonymous


  • She is exquisite!

  • These granmumies are fine!! They definitely know a thing or three about style 🙂

  • Ava

    What an elegant woman! I love that she's still rocking that purple eyeshadow!