Forever Green

I spotted this lovely lady by the Met and loved how she coordinated her green coat, gloves and the band on her hat. The Advanced Style ladies are masters of coordination. What are your favorite colors to mix and match?

  • Grenn and fabulous!!!

  • What more can i say…Wow!!!!
    Love Agnes

  • I'm working on my style…when I'm painting I like blues and oranges, shades of green (like your beautiful lady), burgundies, reds, pinks…is there a color that can't be coordinated?

  • tres chic! what attention to detail. I like to coordinate white, on white, on white – with killer boots. Also, all khaki with tweed and a touch of green, is nice!


  • ooh i really like this! and the hat is stunning! 🙂

  • Lovely lady. Green suits her very well.
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  • pelikan

    I love all strong colours, especially in the winter when "everybody," dresses in black, and grey is considered bold. But what do I know? I'm only 31, and went on my very first shopping spree just last week. (And then found your very inspiring blog! I've got lots to look forward to!)

  • Sally

    This lovely lady is so elegant. I love the green. ,Besides that, she has a charming winning smile which makes her so beautiful.

    My favorite color combinations are: black with a shot of bright like shocking pink or bright white; satiny navy with black; animal prints with red or orange= in fact orange with anything; beige and black; and pastels with prints for spring/summer. Oh my gosh it's limitless, isn't it? So much fun.

  • Great style, love this blog!

  • I love mixing and matching ALL COLORS! =)

  • She looks great!!!! I like to mix and match tons of bright spring tons!!!!
    Darling Bonnie

  • Hi Ari!
    I just found your blog a couple of days ago, and I LOVE it! First of all, it is so life-affirming to see these elder people still rocking and to see their joy of life and the life-long experience in their faces (as in "wrinkles"). Second, it is a huge release to see, that you all want to show us some STYLE in preference to fashion! To me, the latter is mostly a matter of money, the first is a matter of good taste and being true to who you are! Most fashion blogs are, in my opinion, just showing me the "number thirteen of a dozen" and – with all due respect – it is quite boring. Your blog, with all the great people in your photos, is showing me the beauty of diversity and life; it is really inspiring – thank you so much! I'm not quite ready yet to post outfit photos of myself on my blog, but when I do, I'll surely be starting from style, too! Compaired to the people in your photos, I'm still a kitten, heading 46 years this summer, haha! But honestly, I welcome every silver thread that appears on my head, because I think grey hair looks so cool and sophisticated! And – my dear husband thinks the same! As for your question – I love to mix turqouise and red, because they make such a vivid combo! 🙂

  • I am doing tropical colors these days: coral, orange, lime, purple. I feel very right in these combos at this time. xxoo

  • I absolutely love this green combination. As for me, I'm wearing a lot of greens and blues these days, especially loving navy blue with army green.

  • She's so cute! I love her ensemble. 😀 I like to mix all colors. If I can get away with it, I'll try it xD

    ~ Kieli ~

  • I wish more people wore green, seems to be the only color you can pull off in several diffrent shades… all at once.
    Material Fixations

  • Anonymous

    I love green!!!!

  • MonicaL

    I really like that you're highlighting the coordination of the Advanced Style ladies because it seems like fashion commentators, stylists, and designers are always talking about things being to "match-y."

    What happened to the days when a womans shoes and purses, which were not only color coordinated, but were made by the same designer and could be purchased as a set!?!

    Thank you Ari for showing us that these ladies look fabulous by not sticking to current fashion rules!

  • b

    I absolutely love black and white with yellow or red. But why limit ourselves. Your "advanced style" ladies know that color is just like a beautiful day…it should never be wasted.


  • Reading your blog and seeing all these amazing, stylish woman truly has given me a second wind…realizing true style is not only for the young…but something we all can call our own…no matter our age! Kudos and thanks to you my dear!

  • Lil

    I love those gloves, and she has such a nice smile. So stylish.

  • Phi

    Her smile is also green ).

  • she is lovely! so fresh in green.
    i don't coordinate colors (i only wear black and white, if that counts) but i enjoy seeing when others do this so seamlessly.

  • she looks magnificent! pure beauty and joy.

  • Anonymous

    this lady looks sooo great and a little bit austrian – with that kind of a hat plus that coat 🙂

    best wishes, claudia