The Gentlemen Are Back

For the past year I have been working on my book set for release on May 22. I originally started this blog to share the style and stories of both men and women.When it came to curating the photos for my book, I wanted to pay tribute to my wonderful grandmothers and decided to focus exclusively on pictures of stylish ladies. Now its time to once again add some wonderful gentlemen into the mix. I was excited to run across this dashing fellow on Madison Avenue yesterday. I interrupted his Blackberry chat to take a quick photo of his amazing outfit. He definitely gives me something to aspire towards.

  • Oh excuse Mr. Blackberry. He is definitely dapper!!!
    I love this!! Nothing better then a finely dressed gentleman!!!
    Darling Bonnie

  • Wonderful!!!

  • looks very nice!I love this gentleman!

  • yes please, you cannot Emphasize enough stylish men

  • ohh i love this! i was actually quite amazed at how many stylish elderly men i saw about town today – it made me smile a lot 🙂

  • Cracking me up that he is texting…….

  • I love this!

  • What a handsome gentleman–thank you for deciding to include more men. & thanks to this elegant gent for dressing up the sidewalks of New York!

  • It's great to see the gentlemen getting equal time! Very stylish fellow here.

  • Wonderful! Thanks for adding a gentleman to the mix.

  • I agree with Darling Bonnie!! What a man! I am so glad the gentlemen are back. xo

  • I do love a well dressed man!

  • Hooray for the return of gentlemen! I for one am thrilled.

  • I'm going to show this picture to anyone over 50 who tries to tell me they are too old for technology….and for high style for that matter. 🙂


  • Ale

    Hello! Love this site!
    We should follow each other ya?
    I added you.

    :DHave a great day.

  • Love to see the gentlemen since I have a well-dressed gentleman friend myself.

  • Absolutely love his bow tie! Brilliant style!

  • funny blog, love it

  • finally !!
    I love this!

  • Oh, how cool!!

  • Good to see that the men will be taking a greater part! Nice picture.

    Grey Fox – a man searching for style in middle age

  • Sally

    Not only is he dapper but his little half smile is charming. He can consider himself hugged!

  • rajbill

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  • Finally! Is he holding iPhone ? Haha!

  • The over 50's invented the technology before some of these commentators were even a twinkle in their mother's eye! So lay off the ageist comments please. This handsome man is stunning! He looks like a lovely person. Would you also show that delightful man in his colourful suits. Best wishes from Australia!

  • Very cool!

  • Such a dashing gentleman 🙂

    ~ Kieli ~

  • I love this portrait especially. It's nice to see some older stylish people getting some blog attention for a change. E x

  • Love it!!!!

  • Love it!!!!