Good Style Depends on Good Presentation. Not on How Much Money You Spend

Presentation is everything to the Advanced Style ladies. Mary looks great even on the way home from grocery shopping near union square. 100 year old Ruth dresses everyday, even to  check the mail. She says, “You never know who you will run into along the way.” I can’t stress enough that style is not about how much money you have, but how you put yourself together. These women may look like they spend a lot of money on clothes, but most of them recycle what is in their wardrobes or shop at vintage and thrift stores. The key to their style is presentation.

  • And a genuine smile is priceless!

  • Being conscious about what looks good on you is so important! It's about being well put together and feeling good about yourself.
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  • Mary looks amazing and I cannot believe she is 100-years-old. I totally agree with her, it's about attention to detail, not how much you spend on designer fashion.

  • BRAVO! I couldn't agree more… and I LOVE that coat!
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  • Elegancia hasta para ir a la compra.

  • I agree with you about style…and I bet these ladies have had it all their lives! Me not so much…I've never ever had a put together look! you think some of your ladies would like to share a little advice to the "sisters" about how to put a look together! My "geriatric attitude" is fine…however it's not style! I've been watching where ever I've gone recently (camera with me of course) and I see the "advanced style" ladies out there…perhaps my Mom was right, "you (really) can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear! Me being the sow!

  • this post has brightened my day. for me, stepping out of the house not looking great is unacceptable! plus, my whole blog is based on the complete disconnect between money and style. thanks for the post!

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  • Truly goden words! I think presentation is truly more important than the price tag on a piece.

  • I couldn't agree more. I almost exclusively shop at thrift stores, and while I appreciate a lot of designer clothing, I'm always appalled at people who think high-end labels make you stylish by default.

  • Jenna Velazquez

    This is just fabulous! What an amazing idea to share these wonderful stories about our elders! Love love love!

  • Absolutely, I now someone in very hardened straits and she always looks incredible. She can take the cheapest clothes and style the living daylights out of them.

  • I could not agree more – presentation including the confident way all the Advanced Style carry themselves.

  • I discovered your blog through swedish TV. Showcasing mature, stylish women is a fab idea! Style has nothing to do with budget, body type or age. Style is YOU! Oh, how I look forward to having an advanced style!

    My grandfather passed away christmas eve. He was 90 years old. We had a big birthday party together him and me just a month before he passed away. He loved beautiful clothes. I don't think I ever saw him in a plain t-shirt…. He was always in shirts and nice looking pants. Never shorts and very seldom sandals. He was always in a flat cap. Tweed for winter and linen for summer. He loved pink and pastels. And looked smashing in them. He was stylish and alive to the very end. And I can't help but think that those two things are connected. If you are curious and interested in life, culture, art, travel, other people, how could you not be interested in how you project yourself to the world?

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    Lovely and inspirational!! Showed my hubby too…loves the coat. Ruth is soooo right! Thanks!

  • I agree, that it's not how much you spend. Presentation is everything. No matter what it is. She look beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Can't believe she is 100! One advantage to getting older is over the years you have the opportunity to collect a beautiful array of clothing that will always look good anytime, anyplace. She looks so happy and full of confidence!
    Cathy G