Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Inspired by Advanced Style

I just found out that Advanced Style helped to inspire the Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Collection! I am honored that my photos of these wonderful women and their expressions of personal style could be so influential in the work of a designer as important as Marc Jacobs. Check out these articles from French Vogue and WWD HERE and HERE , mentioning Advanced Style’s influence on collection!

  • Wow, congratulations….that's very cool!

  • In watching the show, and having read your site for long time, I can totally see it. How fun!

  • andrea

    The show was breathtaking!- I want everything he showed. The fact that he was influenced by your blog makes so much sense because the looks were reminiscent of classic style done in sumptuous fabrics, but with a twist. As a 58 year old woman, they were right up my alley. You must be so honored to have had an influence on such an important designer! Congrats!

  • Wow, congratulations!!!

  • Wow that is huge! How exciting, I'd just be bursting!


  • wonderfully fun and outrageous…I love it!

  • Congratulations Ari – both to you and to all the wonderfully free-spirited people who populate your blog and continue to inspire fashion and style.

  • Strange, but when I first saw this collection, Advanced Style is one of the things I immediately thought of. Makes sense. It is very inspirational. 🙂

  • Ben

    I just looked at that show and it was wonderful! I liked the set and hats! It's really nice that your photos where an inspiration to him!


  • That's wonderful! How exciting! Congratulations! Much deserved!


  • thrilling collection and thrilling that Advanced Style is an inspiration.
    what a validation!

  • Well deserved!

  • How exciting for you! Congratulations!!

  • Ari, "Giving energy" has a fateful way of retuning to its source. Thrilled for you and your ladies!

  • Congrats to you !!

  • congratulations! Bravo!

  • Best blog ever, love it!

  • Sally

    I was thrilled to read that Advanced Style was mentioned by the NY Times! But as far as the Marc Jacobs' show goes…I guess I'm out of touch b/c I didn't find the show appealing at all. I thought Mr. Jacobs' clothes were dowdy and very unflattering. And, using 14 year olds as models is not cool. Esp. since it is counter to the recommendations to the council. I'd like to see Ari's models in a show! How 'bout that for an idea for Fashion Week?! Rock on Ari!

  • OH ARI
    This is such great validation for you and Advanced Style. Perfect…more to come!
    It's time the trend setters checked out the confident, courageous, mature, experienced dressers.

  • Oh thats lovely news!!!

    I can see some Ilona in the collection.

    So many congratulations, your blog and the advanced style ladies are a true inspiration to me.

    they make me want to become older already!

    Best wishes

  • WOW!!!
    You are really inspiring, see you?
    Regards & respect, E.

  • GvN

    That is awesome! How excited you must be! Congratulations!!!!

    Your blog is indeed unique :)!
    Good job! Totally deserved it!

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  • Laura

    So, aside from the fact that you found a way to make fashion 'fresh' by presenting it in a never before shown way, which I think is admiring, I always wonder; don't some women get offended when a foto is taken of them, and they find out they'll be on a blog about 'old women and fashion'? With all the surgery and obsession to stay young going around… I'm really curious!

  • way to go Ari!but I am not surprised!

  • Except… I think they needed some "Old-School" models!
    Poise like a queen, unafraid to look 'wacky', and exuberance & delight, particular but not exclusive…
    When you swathe yourself in someone else's style from head to toe (literally in this case!), t has a way of mugging you & leaving you for dead. They needed the strong personalities and outsize presence of the Advanced Ladies!

  • i like post!!!

  • wow congratulation!!!!

  • Soooooooooooo happy for you Ari, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Libby

    Congrats Ari!I have been reading your blog for quite some time and feel so proud of you!

  • Ellen

    That is so cool! Love your blog!