Red Heart Glasses

Jane Folds is a wonderful artist and master marionette maker. Like many of the Advanced Style ladies she has developed a perfect uniform that works for her everyday: red heart sunglasses, a black slip dress, red lip scarf and a mix of great accessories.Yesterday, Jane and I had a delightful lunch at The National Arts Club. Afterwards we took some photos and she showed me one of her favorite marionettes.

  • These glasses are pretty amazing.

  • Love those pink heart glasses! So appropriate for the month of February and Valentines Day.

  • So coool! I hope I am like this when i'm a granny. Amazing!

  • I want a pair, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Melissa

    Her fascinator and her lipstick are positively divine!!

  • How perfect are those glasses for Valentine's Day! <3


  • I'm so in love with this look – she's incredible! Fabulous.

    moda + medialunas

  • So stylish ! I want it …

  • How adorable and positive is that! I love it!

  • My grandma has them too!

  • Great glasses & Jane looks like good fun!

  • She is fabulous, I positively love her.

  • My absolute favorite by far. I'd like to see you do a day in the life with her.

  • What a diva. I am in love with her heart glasses and her look. Truly awesome.

  • Ah, yes, perfect for Valentine's Day!

  • She is FANTASTIC. Eat your heart out lady gaga!!! just with one uniform look she can steal the show!!!!
    Darling Bonnie

  • Her hair is so lovely! I love that she keeps it so long, and let it go pure white. What a beautiful woman.

  • She's so lovely! I wish I could see her whole outfit!

  • You have such an amazing blog! and loving those glasses too 🙂

    love from the NaNa girls x

  • Que divertida!

  • She looks fantastic! And her hair is absolutely gorgeous!! Beautiful beautiful smile – the best accessory of all.

  • your blog is fantastic!

  • Amazing!

  • Love her accessories! The glasses are terrific! I absolutely love her hair!

  • Very nice and hearty shades, lady. Just perfect for Valentines Day ;)))))

  • Haha ,,love her