Valentine’s Day Outfit Options From Advanced Style

Do you need some inspiration for your Valentine’s outfits?Here are some great options from the ladies who do it best.
  • Lovely ladies! Happy Valentines Day!

  • LOVE!!!!!!!

    so much love!

  • The lady in the third photo is killing it with that belt. She looks so fabulous.

  • Beautiful blog post as always. I love this blog, because it always makes me feel happier about one day being old and knowing that I won't have to sacrifice my style or need to dress beautifully, to fall in accordane with an old person stereotype.

    I admire all these women for wearing what they want to wear, and think it's great how this blog shares their unique style with a greater audience.

    I think I also looked at this post and realised how much 'en manque' of a quirky pair of sunglasses (or just glasses) I am.

    Gorgeous post with gorgeous colouring and very inspirational.
    I especially love how chic and vibrant red&black are together. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

    Honestly can not wait to see more of this! Perfection.

  • This really is inspirational. Every single one of these women looks fabulous. Thank you!

  • Love them all.Great and beautiful ladies!

  • Ladies , you are W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L !!!!!!!!!

  • That striped dress is Amaze-balls!

  • LOVE them all, you ladies ROCK,I'm learning from you how to do OLD (old lady divas) with class….those big red glasses really float my boat!!!!!

  • ha ha ! very nice

  • This ladies are all my valentine! Beauty is never old!

  • .

    adorable ladies!

  • Old ladies are so precious! I can't wait to be a stylish grandma 🙂

  • Happy Valentine's Day!!!
    Ladies, you are FIERCE!
    – Irina

  • This post shows that there is a perfect shade of red for everyone.
    Happy Valentine's Day Ari!

  • wow stunning, all of them! the sunglasses in the last picture gives a nice pop in her dark outfit!

  • Beautiful ladies for a beautiful day 🙂 Happy Valentine's Day to you and all of the lovely ladies you photograph ^-^

    ~ Kieli ~

  • All of them ROCK!

    Love your blog.

  • All so loverly!

  • perfet inspiration on fashion style and lucky life!

  • Leslie

    Another beautiful post! I am so in love with this blog, I cannot even tell you!!!♥

  • Not sure if this site is all people who have advanced age But on this post I really love these women with a passion to still look lovely and be lively. Appreciate how much you appreciate them.

  • Love them all!!!

  • We just came upon this blog and are in love!! This is so inspirational, and these older folks are all so fashionable! They totally own their style and deserve admiration. We featured/linked to your blog on our blog today in hopes to spread the word about the awesome work you're doing. Love it!!
    love from St. Louis,
    xox Kathryn and Rita

  • great outfits – great ladys!

  • I Love your blog ;)) from Norway

  • Very nice grandma !! Nice valentine outfit too ! LOL !!

  • I love this blog so much – It gives me a great look into my future 🙂

  • Oh I love it! The lady with the blunt bob haircut is tres tres chic! Such a great compilation.

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