American Vintage

My mom and I were walking in Trastevere when we noticed these dapper gentlemen enjoying a drink at a cafe. I asked them if I could take their photograph and they said yes as long as they didn’t have to stand up. I snapped away one as of the gentleman, author Peter Berling, helped his friend light a pipe. I hope to one day have half as much style as these two smartly dressed fellows.

Before went on on our way, my mom remarked that she loved how beautifully they were dressed. The man smoking his pipe replied, “It’s American Vintage.” After we walked away I noticed this gorgeous vintage Fiat. I thought about how the color and design could serve as inspiration for one’s personal style, fashion and industrial design projects.

I am teaching a seminar at IED Roma about Advanced Style this week. Today I gave my class an assignment to find visual inspiration on the streets of Rome. They broke into groups in search of stylish older people, who they photographed and interviewed for blogs which will they present at the end of the week. The goal was to broaden our ideas about style and design and focus on things that might otherwise be taken for granted. We talked about how color and texture, as seen in architecture, clothing, and nature can inspire both fashion and interior design. I wanted the students to think about how and why they chose to focus on certain people or objects,analyze their process of editing, and realize that our individual points of view and perspectives are what make us unique in valued in creative fields. Today was all about seeing and documenting. Tomorrow we will have some great interviews with some well known Italian women. I can’t wait to share everyone’s final projects!

  • Hi Ari, how did you find so lovely and impressive flashy people?Loves from Turkey.

  • So stylish! The man looks like Russian film-maker Mikhalkov))

  • What a shoots!!!!!!!!!!
    Rome is Rome……………………… Too much class going on there 😉
    Looking forward to see these projects you have mentioned.
    Ciao bello

    Best Regards

  • American Vintage! Ha! That is great!

  • OH! OH! How dapper. Just stunning. LOVE THAT LITTLE GREEN BUGGY!

  • They are both marvelous and so is the car!

  • Rebecca

    The Italian men that you have photographed look so dapper and elegant. They dress with flair and very individualistic style. Do the younger men dress in this manner as well?

  • enjoyed!

  • i love this! so much!
    your seminar sounds wonderful. your students are very lucky.

  • These men have such sartorial flair! It sounds like you are really enjoying your course, and I'm sure the students are as well. What a great learning opportunity for all of you–enjoy the rest of your time in Rome!

  • Love, love, love.

  • Schön. Sehr sehr schön. Und wenns noch einen Text dazu gibt, noch vieeeel vieeeeel schöner! Lieben Gruss von Cosmee

  • What dapper style! Wish I could see more gents like this on the streets of Sacramento and Seattle!

  • the outfits are wonderful, but the pipe is what really makes these photographs magical, i think!

  • I found your blog recently and I just LOVE it. I love fashion of many kinds, at every age, but as I approach 50 I am loving fashion even more! I am having more fun with it!

    Will be adding you to my blog roll!


  • I cannot wait until you post the works of your students!! If only I could be so lucky to be in one of your seminars!!! The photos of these gentlemen look like a painting. The man with the pipe could be a model Thank you Ari for your great work!!!

  • Anonymous

    Its the hats!

  • I really would've like to have gone to the seminar in Rome!!!!
    Amazing style!

  • i swear he looks like a vintage inspector. love his style!!
    muah x

  • How do you find all of these incredible people?!

    I've only noticed a few elderly people like this. There was one woman in a supermarket with dyed purple hair and doc. martens boots.
    And another in the library wearing really bright clothes and a jewelled turban. But mostly you just see plain clothed people here (UK).

  • Evalyn

    What an improvement to American fashion it would be if all baseball caps not actually on the head of a baseball player could instantaneously be replaced by a fedora. *Sigh* These men are above handsome.

  • I wish I could come take your workshop!

  • Love your blog, loved Nonna Maria recently, but found this post particularly interesting.

    I've been taking pictures of vintage cars in Hamburg, Germany recently as I find them inspiring. They really make me happy. As do your pictures of inspiring people. Keep it up!

    Check out old cars in Germany:

  • Adorable.

  • Eres una dura definitivamente. Te quedaron hermosas. Besotes.

  • Oooooh I love a classic old gent with a vintage car to boot!

  • Love that curly grey hair!

  • Anonymous

    Looks more like British Vintage to me. I'm sure he was trying to flatter you. This style was very common in Europe/Americas during the time anyway.