Elke Kuhn

I ran into artist, Elke Kuhn, at  turban making workshop put on by the milliners guild last night. She looked as fantastic as ever in her wonderful accessories and wonderful hat. Elke and I are making a date for me to visit her at her house. I can’t wait to see all of her amazing creations!

  • Me too.

  • This blog is such a revelation and so encouraging. I am so pleased that i found it! Christa

  • Ooozing creativity. Looks like a fearless lady…really hope you will do a post on her creations!
    – -Irina

  • Anonymous

    beautyful in warm, realistic, authentic and present way – i apreciate your sharing …

  • Hope you'll show the images to us.

  • She looks great. I agree, great accessories!

    Et tu, tutu?

  • I bet you're going to have a wonderful time of discovery! Boy, I sure love her glasses!

  • That is one styling woman!! Magnificent.

  • How colorful personality hers, waiting for your date with her and photos about that date.Loves.

  • look at her glasses really cute.

  • That is a lady that looks like she absolutely loves life!
    Can't wait to hear more about her!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  • She's got kickass style–love her glasses! Did you make a turban?

  • Elke Kuhn is one of THE MOST creative people I have ever met. Everything she makes is splendid, inspired and absolutely sensational.
    We met in the ballroom, where she was a whirlwind of SWING in crinolines and costume.
    There's no one quite like her!