Helen Drutt on The Go

At 81, contemporary jewelry collector, Arts and Crafts lecturer, and museum curator Helen Drutt is definitely not slowing down. She traveled from Germany to North Carolina, and then hopped on a plane back to New York yesterday to give an introduction to a lecture at Bard graduate center. Helen always looks divine in her signature look of all black, a beautiful hat, and amazing  piece of contemporary  jewelry.

  • Helen looks great. Love the hat and jewelry.



  • Anonymous

    Beautiful lady!


  • she should come to Belgium… we have a lot of jewelry stores of the kind she might like
    love what she is wearing in this picture, and .. need it to be said.. very hard to believe this lady is 81 !

  • Helen has such elegant style and fabulous taste in jewellery. I adore her brooch; it looks very contemporary and vintage at the same time.

  • Beautiful & chic lady!

  • Helen is a very chic lady with great jewellery!

  • Beautiful and inspiring lady. Love the hat and the stunning jewellery.

  • Great hat! It suits her beautifully. Very classy lady.

  • She is lovely. Great hat.

  • The hat is great; the pin is more than interesting. Do you think it is made of a vinyl or lightweight leather?

  • a fantastic hat…nicely put together ensemble! busy lady!

  • *** 81, Ari?!?!? Say it isn't so!!!

    Better yet, say it IS, because she DESERVES EVERY SINGLE COMPLIMENT & LOOK OF AWE & ADMIRATION I'm SURE she gets on a DAILY BASIS!!!

    She reminds me of Diane Keaton annnd my Mom (who died way to younng, but I just "see" my darling Mom there with her, shopping til her hearts content!!!)…

    Thanks! There's HOPE for us all YET!!!

    Linda in AZ *

    (*** 81??? R*E*A*L*L*Y!!! AMAAAAZING!)

  • Gorgeousssssssssssssss

  • Rebecca

    I love how the simplicity of her clothes highlights the beautiful and unique jewelry she wears.

  • she is a breath of fresh air…very chic, pretty lady.
    her smile is so lovely.

  • She looks great!! I am truly enjoying your blog!


  • I almost made it to that lecture but ended up with other commitments. So very sorry I missed it! She looks amazing. As always, thanks for sharing and inspiring.

    Love, Jean

  • She looks great!


  • I like that flower brooch on the dress of Helen drutt. The hat is also good on that outfit.

  • great brooch! i love your blog!

  • Looks like a Mirjam Hiller piece, and she looks lovely wearing it.