Debra Rapoport always has the most amazing accessories, most of which she makes by hand out of recycled materials. People always stop her to ask about her wonderful industrial felt hats and bracelets and lately she has been selling them right on the spot. Debra says, ” Everyone these days is so into E-commerce, well I’m about Me-Commerce-I am my own store.” If you do want to indulge in a little E-Commerce, which could eventually lead to some Me-Commerce feel free to email Debra at .

  • Brilliant Drebra, such an inspiration. Wonderful accessories, and colour nalis, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • This woman is so phenomenal! I love her hat and veil, and her rings and bracelets are amazing too.

  • I want one!! for summer… the colour is beautiful.

  • i adore debra's "brand" of chic. not to mention, how wonderful (and flattering) is her pink-hued hair? 🙂 what a vibrant, beautiful woman.

  • Love the hat!!! Very cool, creative lady!


  • haahaha!! she sounds so fun! 😀

  • This is so unique… I love it!

  • Too much beloved 'Me-commerce'.Extra intelligent!That lady is vey beautiful and so specific.

  • debra, you never cease to amaze <3 i love the braclets to tears!

  • Inspiring post! Very unique and brave. And refreshing at the same time.

  • Love the hat! I have a thing for veils. The bracelets are tres chic — just like the lovely lady who is wearing them. Bravo!

  • It must be fun to feel so free with style and color.

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  • I would love to bump into her on the street and make an offer on a couple of those cuffs.

  • Ben

    I love her hats! They are so cool! I really like the me-commerce thing. It's pretty interesting!

  • What a fabulous woman! The jewelry is gorgeous. xx

  • this old lady is elegent!she just like my grandma..

  • love it on a couple of those cuffs.

  • I really admire her style and creativity! And Debra herself is such a beautyful woman! 🙂

  • respect! I`m too shy to wear a dress like that. I would like to see some older pictures from Debra. cheers…

  • Anonymous

    That top photo is just beautiful! The hat and veil are breathtaking.

  • Brilliant woman…I love it.."me commerce"! Why not?
    – Irina

  • sandy

    It should be a crime for someone to be this creative…just kidding…I'm loving the fingernail polish with those chic bracelets…my girl!

  • Hat with veil, cuffs and nails! Stunning!

  • It's not necessary to dress garrishly as one ages. Classic or Chic might be better choices. Liven it up with your best for you color choices.

  • So stylish. She has the most beautiful face.

  • I am utterly enamored of the second photo–delightful, whimsical, and chic–and so well shot! kudos to you and to her.