The Power Of Color

Last week my dad and I visited The Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I was looking at the paintings of Surrealist women artists, including Frida Kahlo, when I noticed this women all dressed in purple. I love how she arranged the elements and color in her outfit, just as the painters whose work we were viewing had. I waited until she was finished with the exhibit to ask if I could take her photograph. What I love about style is that it is a vehicle for personal expression. Style can change your mood and the mood of others around you. As soon as I spotted this women in the gallery, I immediately began to smile. Fashion can also be used as means to making a statement-one that has the power to make you think about the world around you.Older people are often made to feel invisible in our society.I love when older women wear color because it is a way of communicating their visibility in the world.

Many people ask me if the people I photograph are looking for attention-if they are dressing up because they want people to notice them. Anyone of these marvelous ladies and gentleman will tell you that they are dressing up for themselves, because it makes them feel good. As they have gotten older their message has changed. They are no longer saying “Look At Me”, but rather “I am Here”.

  • May I say 'Lovely lady of purpleedia'? So sweet so stylish, loved loved loved her. Ari, you are doing good job.Thanks to meet these incredible people us.

  • I love that you mention how someone else's dress choice can effect those around them. It's so true! I love it when people come up to me and say oh my you look like a human flower, I feel like I just made them smile. This woman is beautiful and I'm glad you took her picture.

  • 'They are no longer saying "Look At Me", but rather "I am Here".'

    Perfectly said, Ari! I am so touched by that thought. I think that is at the heart of this blog, this movement you've started. Cheers to that!

  • beautiful hat and amazing blog concept!

  • Well said. I have heard this very comment about colorful or fanciful outfits.
    Many people simply need to express themselves via their appearance. They need to feel authentic.

  • Oh my goodness, she is adorable! I hope to one day be a cool as her. Love your blog, I am glad someone is making sure the world sees the beauty in our elderly. Thank you.


  • Inspiring post and beautiful woman of purple. Besides being beautiful, she does look happy and that's what counts. Great post Ari, well said. Have a great week.

  • Evalyn

    "I am here" caputures the spirit exactly.

  • So cute!

  • I love her symphony in purple! It does fit in with Frida Kahlo's intense colors.

  • I love the sentiment. From one who has reached the age of invisibility, thank you.

  • Great colors. As a synesthesia artist these colors speak to me.

  • Dear Ari, am liebsten hätte ich, dass Du alle diese schönen Menschen von mir grüßt und ihnen sagst, dass ich sie als Vorbilder für mich sehe. Hier bei uns in Deutschland ist es für Menschen ab 60 Mode, sich in braune und beige und graue Farbtöne zu hüllen, und zwar so sehr, dass sie unsichtbar werden. Die älteren Herrschaften machen Mut und mir viel Freude. Ich bin immer wieder aufs Neue entzückt! Viele allerbeste und herzliche Grüße von Cosmee

  • I just found this blog. It's incredibly fantastic!

  • "i am here", i like that. 🙂
    this lady looks amazing in purple!

  • stupenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How divine is she? What a treat for the eyes. I am a purple person myself.

  • How divine is she? What a treat for the eyes. I am a purple person myself.

  • Anonymous

    Ooh I love this woman's style.
    It must feel wonderful to have that wisdom and freedom to express yourself that surely comes with age
    That gorgeous smile, thou the glasses are pretty cool

  • Wonderful chic! 🙂

  • That there is my Great Aunt (or Auntie as I call her), and I can vouch for her when I say that she dresses for nobody other than herself! Always vibrant, always creative. So glad you spotted her during her visit to NYC, Ari!

  • Fantastic!! is a beautiful look!! thanks

  • She looks like an adorable lady – love her purples….

  • I can learn a thing or two.


  • "I am Here" – Every woman over 50 needs to be shouting this from the rooftops! The invisiblity our generation experiences is so totally wrong. If our society were smart, it would pay more attention to us as we get older and not less. My baby boomer generation is the largest and richest one in history. There is money to be made from selling to us!

  • Love the last sentence: not "look at me," but "I am here." No matter what our age, we all want to be acknowledged. Some people are shy and want quiet recognition, others are happy to be a "little beam of sunshine". What a great thing to remember about people (of all ages)!

    Love from England,

  • This woman is the personification of the "when I am old I shall wear purple". Her accessories are cheerful and modern–she looks super stylish and like she really enjoys life. I love your last comment about the difference between "look at me" and "I am here" that comes with maturity, confidence, and an acceptance of self. I am working towards the "I am here" phase of my life and it's a more contented, inspiring place to be.

  • Anonymous

    I was reading a new blog on Huff Post called "The Intern Diaries" written by interns in various positions in the fashion industry. It is interesting and a little sad to read one young intern (for a PR firm during Fashion Week) describe Ari's ladies. I'm quite sure I know which "grannies" were causing the fuss. Most of the younger generation does not have the affection for these women that Ari does. Here's the link to the diary–read DAY TWO 7:00:

  • God… I hope I can say "Here I am" someday without feeling like a showoff (something my Mom always said I was doing, especially when I bought a bright red car!) Not a showoff at all, just expressing myself and I hope I can do that like the Advanced Style Ladies…working slowly towards that at age 51! 😉

  • oh how beautiful she is!

  • I wish I could hug you, to say thank you! I'm 52, and talk about feeling invisible, with all the attention on youth. I almost felt guilty about wanting to get back into fashion. Somehow I found your blog, and I'm damn it, do I feel excited now!

  • She reminds me of my grandmother. Shopgirls ADORE her!