Red Accents in Rome

I am in Rome for a seminar that I am teaching at IED Roma. Today my mom and I walked around looking for Advanced Style. Everywhere we turned there were dapper men and elegant women enjoying the beautiful, sunny day. This man looked especially stylish while listening to some live music near Piazza Navona. I love that Italian men aren’t afraid to wear a little color!

  • And very cool and sophisticated man!

  • Mai

    The Italians are always so well dressed!

  • OMG I love him!

  • Coloured socks!

  • Oh beautiful red socks and a red tie…wirklich eine wunderbare Aufnahme…Sehr schöne Menschen in schönen individuellen Klamotten…Gruss von Cosmee

  • Great shot, he looks very handsome.

  • The socks make all the difference for this outfit! You have to love the impact that small details can make.


  • jag

    Buon viaggio!! Can't wait to see what images you'll be taking from la bella Italia…

  • TA

    Wow, that pop of red totally complete's his outfit! Love it!

  • mad

    Great men,my passed old granpa look like him when i was young in naples .
    He loved only Marinella's tie .
    Sorry for my bad english .

  • Just like here in the US…..NOT.

  • Have to say, I love the red socks!

  • the epitome of a dapper gentleman! i like the way he is wearing color, too.

  • They even made me feel frumpy while hiking because the men hike in their spiffy shoes and pressed pants.

  • Such an elegant man!

  • Rebecca

    I remember how well dressed the Italian men and women were when I went there several years ago. They never leave the house looking less than perfect. I believe they call it "La Bella Figura".

  • I sometimes match my socks to my underwear, but this is way smarter.
    Material Fixations

  • a very fine looking gentleman!

  • CarolWL

    I love this guy! I love colorful socks, especially when they match another part of the outfit. Very nice.

  • b

    I am always learning from you. I do love the tiny bit of red. Perfectly handsome.


  • So very dapper.

  • TheWishListDiary

    I like your blog. And I like this man too. He is very elegant!

  • Very genlemanly. Loving how the little things in an outfit can make it so brilliant.

  • so chic…so cool…ADORABLE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Older italian men wear any sort of colour, they're absolutely not afraid of it.
    I saw so often italian men wearing pastel colors, mixed with talent and fantasy…

  • I´m your new reader from Finland. Thank you very much about this wonderful blog! So beautiful pictures, so beautiful people.

  • mad

    @Rebecca old people in Italy love to be perfect when they go out,but they also love to be perfect in home .
    My mom is 73 years old and she don't leave from house whitout look she self in a mirror (i never look me in a mirror) they also call it "essere a posto":) .

  • Lui e` fantastico! Great photo in Piazza Navona!