Wanny Di Filippo

(Photos by Fadi Choker and Elisabetta Passaretti)

Last week I sent my students out on the streets of Rome to photograph and interview people with Advanced Style. We all went to different sections of the city and then returned to class to share what we had found. One group found a man named Wanny Di Filippo, owner of Il Bisonte leather goods . I have seen Wanny on many street style blogs and have always wanted to meet him. He is a true original who always looks marvelous in his creative and sophisticated mix of colors and patterns. I can only hope to have as much style and poise as Wanny some day.

  • pretty amazing colors, this would not work in Brussels i think… but everything works in Roma, doesn't it? I like the photo's a lot !

  • I think colors work everywhere.
    Ari, i am sure you will have that style and poise.

  • Boom! There he is!! What a sight for tired eyes. He reminds me of Hemingway… Wonderful style! I would like to hear his voice.

  • Love everything he is wearing.
    So fearless, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • So unique, so alive and so colourful! Looks like an awesome character.

  • This dude is marvellous! I love the strong purple colour, the layering, the textures, they all work so well together. He also just reminded me that I've been meaning to get my glasses put on a string to wear around my neck. Great pictures, keep 'em coming. Christine. xx

  • This is the kind of outfit that makes strangers happy when they pass him on the street.

    Et tu, tutu?

  • That violet jacket! Richard and I have to get to Rome and Milan for some shopping,

  • Mai

    He is beyond amazing!
    He almost looks like he's just come straight out of a Studio Ghibli film!


  • Oh! ♥

  • Now THAT is a man who knows how to work some major style–what glorious colours! Ari, you have your own style and will continue to carry it off well into your "advancedstyle" years.

  • Mr. Di Filippo is MARVELOUS! An absolutely fantastic color palette…and he's so comfortable with his style!

  • Susan

    IL BISONTE!!!!! Beautiful bags and accessories, sweet little shop downtown.

    Ari, your blog has shown me that there is no "some day" for style. Style is always NOW (What will I wear today to express myself?). If you find yourself lacking in comparison to Mr Di Filippo, (I hope you don't relly feel that way), then play in your closet. Ask your ladies for help! Although I know you only through the blog, it's obvious you have poise.

  • Oh my! He is delightful!

  • JKW

    OMG the perfect man. . . .I want an introduction, Please. Blessings, Janet

  • Eva

    Fantastic blog ;DDDDD


  • Amazing! It's always great to see well dressed gentlemen as well as ladies, there are far too few.

  • amazing colors!

  • so many colors on a man is rare. i feel so boring over here in the States in my perpetual neutrals!!

    Peter @ http://low–couture.blogspot.com

  • I always like to see a man on Advanced Style. Although, of course, I love the women and think it is all very stylish and quite amazing, a man makes a nice change to the state of affairs.

    I adore what he is wearing and the use of bright colours is absolutely exquisite. Fantastic – especially the blue scarf and pink tie. It shows use of such a wide range of beautiful colours.

    Advanced Style is truly one of the most inspiring blogs I have ever read and I can only thank you for sharing all this with the world.

    In one word?


  • He makes me smile SO much! …and PURPLE! woot woot!
    The Office Dandy

  • Meraviglioso! Love the purple jacket – he sure knows how to stand out in a crowd 🙂

  • He's extremly stylish.
    My respect gentleman!

  • I adore what he is wearing and the use of bright colours is absolutely exquisite. Fantastic – especially the blue scarf and pink tie. It shows use of such a wide range of beautiful colours.


  • Anonymous

    Pity. Whatever your style, cigars are repulsive.

  • Absolutly wonderful!!!!!

  • funky gentleman!

  • OFFICIALLY my new style icon.

  • Love everything he is wearing.

  • Perfect!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh, what a wonderful person!