5th Avenue Easter Parade

This couple looked absolutely charming at the Easter Parade this year. I wonder if they dress up all the time, or if the parade was an occasion to put on their Sunday best.

  • Обалденная парочка!

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  • Sally

    This couple should win a prize! They are fabulous.
    By the way Ari, you have THE most fun job of anybody ever. I admire you so much for what you've done to celebrate older folks but also teach folks to rejoice with creativity and style.

  • Her hat is to die for!

  • Wow… lovely couple.

  • Oh they are so sweet and glamorous at the same time. With their fashion taste I wonder what their home looks like…

  • Das Ehepaar sieht aus wie marzipanüberzogene Zuckerpüppchen auf der Hochzeitstorte. Sehr sehr … ach was soll ich immer schreiben? Wunderbar. Aber ich begegne doch solchen Menschen in meiner kleinen Stadt überhaupt nie. Wie gut, dass es Aris Blog gibt. Gut für mich. Herzlichen Gruss von Cosmee

  • Haha one of your chicest posts!!

  • The white fabric is stunning – one doesn't see that quality so much these days…

  • What a stunning couple!

  • They look so elegant. great style!

  • they are beautiful! Looks like they're getting married:D

  • Her glasses and their canes make it appear to me as though they dress up as often as possible.

  • They both look just wonderful, but I especially like how dapper he is. That is definitely how to dress for the Easter Parade.

  • Rebecca

    A more adorable couple, I don't think I've seen. They are perfect together.

  • I saw a lady in downtown Portland the other day who would have made a perfect candidate for this blog. I was tempted to take her photo. 🙂

  • *** They look SO STUNNING! Simply a TREAT to see people so magnificently dressed!!!

    Did you notice the "what-appears-to-be-breathtaking" gold pin? It's an eagle with a pearl at the bottom,and I would suspect it is "very special" and of significant "importance"… Beautiful!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  • Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  • How lovely!I did not realize that there really was an Easter Parade. I thought it was an image from songs and movies. I really must come to New York one of these days!

  • They both look gorgeous. Very chic.

  • Wonderful Easter hat!

  • Your photo’s are always so gorgeous! This blog is perfect (: