Advanced Style On Swedish Television

Last year, Swedish television program, State of Style filmed me and some of the Advanced Style ladies for a spot on their show. I just discovered this clip online and wanted it to share it with everyone!

  • Wonderful clip, Ari! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • SUPER ÜBER CONGRATS. I love this…!

    xo Joana

  • This video clip has certainly made ME smile! Thank you Ari!

  • This short clip is lovely! It was especially nice to hear your voice and see you in action…you are full of genuine delight, respect and admiration….not in the least bit "precious". Thank you for your work and spirit. A wonder!

  • You are denititely my HERO.

  • Oh Ari. That was such a wonderful video and God bless you for being who you are. You make all these ladies feel so happy in the way you look at them and speak to them. You are blessed and I'm glad I found your blog. I've been learning a lot just by visiting here. Have a great week. Congrats on the spot on Swedish TV.::clap::clap;;clap::

  • Susan

    Ruth reminds me of Audrey Hepburn; she always looks effortlessly elegant, perhaps because she learned early on to make a little effort every day. And I love her smile. Like AH, she is inspiring.

  • Wonderful clip, I am glad you shared. I loved seeing you in action photographing those lovely ladies. One-hundred years old, wow! I really appreciated what you said about the brands using older models to show off their goods, I would love to see more of that in action. Thanks again.

  • Hello! I met your blog today and would like to congratulate you for the blog idea, the photos and the quality! Great blog!
    Regards from Portugal!

  • Cheers, Ari!

    What a lovely clip. You, and all of your models are so fresh and genuine.

    Many thanks!


  • Ari, This is a wonderful video. Your perspective on older women and style is so refreshing. We need to celebrate the look of the older women and stop making it seem like if you get wrinkles go hide under a rock. You are a pioneer in this field and I applaud you. Thank you for opening eyes to see beauty is far more than skin deep.

  • I love your blog and have been following it for a few years now. I love to see the older ladies wear what they like and not feel as if they have to dress a certain way because of their age. Look at Ruth–isn't she beautiful? And imagine what it must be like to be 100! She's great. And you're pretty cute yourself. : k 😉