Advanced Style on Swedish Television Part II

Check out part II of the our program on Swedish Television featuring Lynn Dell!

  • Ari…these 2 videos are great. YOU really have it covered. Thanks

  • I love Lynn, and definitely have to meet you all one day.
    You have open PANDORA´S BOX, and now we can breath.
    Love you ARI.

  • Hi Ari, i really liked to watch the two television episodes. Lynn's shop looks amazing. My wish is to go to New York someday and visit her shop with a a wallet full of money. Thank you for sharing. Thanks also for showing me that don't have to be afraid of getting older. I love your blog and your book is on my wishlist.

  • Love the video and love Lynn!

  • On swedish television! Lovely.

  • Libby

    what do I say Ari? The videos are so charming! Thanks a lot for your blog.