Beatrix Ost: ” Don’t just think good thoughts, inhabit them “

Yesterday I had the loveliest  day with Beatrix Ost in Central Park. We started talking about the power of positive thinking and how thinking beautiful thoughts can make you happier and healthier. I took a small video of my conversation with Beatrix and will post some great shots of her in Central Park tomorrow. If you are interested in learning more about this marvelous lady, you can purchase her book on amazon HERE.

  • What she says is true 🙂 that's exactly what i do and i feel like everyday is perfect and feel blessed all the time 🙂

  • Eva

    "Let the negative thoughts just go by" — this is the most important part of the message, I believe. Without it, "positive" thinking may lead to disappointment.

  • I agree that you can train yourself. Happiness is a choice.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing your visit with Beatix with us. She always inspires me and I love to see and hear from her. Thank you both for sharing!

  • Very nice! Love her voice!

  • Very inspiring… I love this!

  • Such a beautiful, elegant woman.


  • Maggie Paynter

    Ask her how she wrapped her head scarf….just lovely.
    Maggie Paynter

  • Anonymous

    Ask her how she wrapped her head scarf….just lovely.
    Maggie Paynter

  • Anonymous

    Yes!! Her head-scarf turban is very elegant. How about a how-to video for us to learn how she does that? She is one classy lady. Bravo Ari!!!

  • She's just so graceful. What a lovely woman both physically and mentally. True beauty stays through time.

  • Beatrix is elegance personified–her clothing, her carriage, her voice, everything. It is true, we can train ourselves to have a more positive outlook and it is like exercising a muscle–the more you practice, the easier it gets!

  • CarolWL

    She's just beautiful, inside and out. (And I really needed that message right now.)

  • she is such an inspiration! love this, thank you for it!


  • Love Beatrix philosophy in life. I will let the negative thoughts go. It's true we all have that. Very nice indeed.