Carola at Off Broadway Boutique

This past weekend Carola and I had so much fun playing dress up at Lynn Dell’s Off Broadway Boutique. We picked out this wonderful dress and Carola joked that she looked like a geriatric Carmen Miranda. Carola is always so open to trying new things and she was a perfect model for this stunning dress.

  • I totally see the Carmen Miranda look! Fun!

  • This blog is so amazingly enjoyable and inspiring! I wish ladies in Poland had so much fantasy and attitude within their closets. Good luck and keep going!

  • What an amazing outfit! I love the layers.

    xo Joana

  • Hello,

    I love your blog!!! this is for me inspiration pour!!!
    Congratulations for your work!!!
    Best regards from germany

  • WOW !
    That's the spirit 🙂
    I adore your blog its refreshing and inspiring to look at these wonderful women.

  • She is so gorgeous!!!!

  • Geriatric??? Give me a break. I'd wear this in an aorta beat. What's more it would be easy to sew…although it would take a lot of fabric. What a great dress for summer when it's really hot and humid.

  • It looks lovely!

  • Love this dress, Carola looks perfect in it!

  • Holy cow, that is one freaking awesome pile of ruffles, and I think she looks amazing in it. It works because of the black and white–if it was all different colours, it would be bordering on the frightening, and would definitely require a fruit arrangement on her head…

  • My, oh my, oh my!! That is one hot number! I looove this dress worn as worn by Carola. Twirling in this must be fun.

  • Gorgeous dress and she looks just fantastic in it!

  • So very Spanish with a chic twist

  • I will be in New York next week and am wondering whether I will be able to spot your models

  • Эх, хороша!:)

  • This is a fantastic take on a flamenco look!

  • The perfect model indeed!

  • What a frock!
    Thanks for continuing to share all the amazing ladies you meet.


    This is a great dress and she looks wonderful….


    This woman make me want to live!
    (sorry i don't speak english very well)
    Very beautiful photos, i admire.

    A french girl..

  • Gorgeous dress and she looks just fantastic in it!

  • OMG this is amazing. I would live in this dress.

  • She is stunning and I LOVE the dress! Good job, you ..

  • Hello,
    Carola is perfect ! I love this picture ! And I really like your blog, very original !

  • Wonderfull !

  • She is too fabulous for words!! Carla

  • I love love LOVE that dress!

  • Anonymous

    indeed imo, what an extra-ordinary dress modeled by a unique lady.

    thank you Carola and Ari.

    ( i am sorry i usually do not comment, but i avidly read your blog and also absolutely love your videos. all truly inspiring and i find food for thoughts outside mainstream-blagh here like nowhere else. thank you so much. now i continue oohing and aahing here ;))


  • Anonymous

    Carola is America's next top model! She is gorgeous in this dress and so vibrant!

  • This blog is so amazingly enjoyable and inspiring!

  • I believe this dress is Teresa Rosati – polish fashion designer….I would love to see someone wearing this in Poland, but I guess people here are too judgemental to deal with kind of beauty it represents ;/