Iris Apfel: “I’m not just some empty-headed fashionista”

I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite advanced style icons, Iris Apfel, at her apartment in New York this past weekend. At 90 years old she has become a “geriatric starlet” known for her amazing fashion sense and creative brilliance, but there is much more to Iris than her iconic style. Watch the video above to learn more about this incredible woman.

  • ¡¡¡Magnífica!!!

  • What a sweetheart! I love it 🙂

  • Un*freaking*believable. Love this.

  • CarolWL

    Mr. Cohen, These women inspire me so much. Thank you for letting women like me know that to age is a privilege, that we can not only continue to be ourselves, but to continue to develop ourselves. This may sound maudlin, I realize, but I am speaking from the heart: It is not easy to age in this society; we are made to feel worthless and ugly. But we know better, and we can't let that attitude prevail or we will lose ourselves and each other. Thank you for everything you do. You have no idea how much it is appreciated.

  • i love her more and more each tim ei hear her talk :)she's so inspiring!

  • Sheer genius.

  • ¡Maravillosa!
    Es un placer para la vista ver mujeres tan estilosas.

    The outfits of my dreams

  • Love Iris SO MUCH!

  • Great interview and wise words. She is sharing part of what it takes to live a long and fulfilling life: keep busy, stay involved, serve others and be positive! And of course be stylish 😉 A great example.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Iris and Advanced Style for helping me to know that as I am aging there is no reason I cannot still embrace life and all it has to offer. Sue from Colorado

  • What a great post! I've been a fan of Ms. Apfel for the longest time. Her style, of course, is incomparable, but her attitude takes the cake!
    I just shared this post on my blog, Vintage Advantage:
    Thanks for a fab post and as always an amazing blog!

  • Great interview! Love her!

  • So inspiring! She is right, we should be celebrating our experience!

  • I love this woman. And that has to be the most amazing necklace ever.

  • Oh, this necklace is pretty wonderful…appears to be baby antlers! Celebrating aging..

  • Rebecca

    Iris Apfel is truly one of a kind. I was fortunate to see the exhibit about her style at the Met "Rara Avis". What I love about her is that she says what she thinks and is an authentic and vibrant woman who has led a fascinating life.

  • Love the look and love the suit. I hope that when I am 90 years old, I am able to say that I am too busy to plan my outfit ahead. And I hope I am wearing jeans, a sweater and statement jewelry with a panache that makes younger women envious, too.

  • Even her voice is cool. I adore her! In this post I brag about that the library in my village will have an exhibition of my clothes and my style this summer. Not quite the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but I am just 41 years old …

  • love this thanks for sharing

  • Iris is amazing, absolutely amazing. I love her zest for life and her elegant style. It's great that she is determined not to give up on her life, she is one of the few truly gracious women. XxxX

  • Thank you for that. I love Iris!

  • A role model for all! The photos and the video of Iris speak a thousand words.

  • Carla

    Thanks for pointing out that this woman is NOT JUST WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE.

    For women, our coulture focuses on appearance compltetely and minimizes the value of intellectual and other contributions by women.

    See this site:

    I'd really enjoy it if you would expand your blog into the lives of these women — the women behind the faces and fashions.
    Thanks for considering this.

    Great blog! Thank you so much for all the inspiration!


  • Words of wisdom from the one and only Iris! No 20 year old could rock that necklace like she can. We should all be so lucky as to reach 90 with an attitude like hers.

  • love her so much! thank you Mr. Cohen for letting us know more about this magnificent lady!

  • She has such a lovely voice too.

  • She has such a lovely voice too.

  • She is such an example.She makes us to feel proud.

  • I am 76 years and I aspire to grow up and be just like Iris. Virginia

    Fabulous post and words of wisdom. Up with Aging!!!

  • …wow! Love those glasses. Reminds me of LeCorbusier!

  • Iris is my favorite beauty

  • Thank you so much for this, I love Iris, I'm only 21 but she's one of my biggest fashion inspirations, I look up to her so much, and your blog has helped me overcome some of my fears about aging, now I know it's something natural and (just how Iris says) you don't have to hide it, you have to show it with pride!

  • Truly one of the most unique necklaces I've ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    I love Iris – unfortunately I can hardly hear her – didn't even make it to the end – too frustrating!


  • such a grounded woman ~ i love both her attitude and style (and that statement necklace she's wearing is amazing!)

  • You're so lucky to have met her. I love her style too.

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  • I love this woman. And that has to be the most amazing necklace ever.