Lynn Dell: Black and Red

Lynn Dell dresses up for the theater of her life everyday. She’s believes that style should be about personal expression and at almost 80 years old she’s not afraid to dress how she pleases.

  • Divine, Lynn is working the Red Boot and Hat essemble fabulously.

  • Amazing style like this is eternal. Love it! The photo's are very well shot 🙂 I just blogged about the POWER OF RED and I am sure she would agree with me.

    Love from STYLEFIG

  • i love her. i'm obsessed with every single one of your posts.

  • I LOVE red and even named by blog after that colour 😉 She looks amazing, and her boots are extraordinary!

  • EvaNiKiTa

    waauuwww what a stunner!!!!

  • Oh my god! Lynn, you are beautiful!

  • Oh wow!

  • Fashionmista

    Ms Dell looking delicious. Fabulous from gorgeous hat to gorgeous boots xoxo.

  • Susan


    I am continually knocked out by the beauty of the ladies on your blog, and I wonder if they were all beautiful young women (or considered themselves to be) or if they acquired it in their later years. They truly glow.

  • Bellísima y elegantísima.

  • lovely look, pretty¡¡¡

    kisses from Pasión Naïf

  • Gorgeous, stylish, elegant, fun & inspiring!!!!!

  • She dresses how she pleases and she does it well! She's a walking Glam Goddess! I love it all!
    Darling Bonnie

  • Just gorgeous.

  • K

    Love those boots! I've wanted ones just like those ever since I watched Footloose.

  • I'm not an advanced style seeker, but I though you'd like this portrait of Mrs. Anna. I love when older ladies are tight to their pearls! 🙂

  • sandy

    Lynn let's us know that yes elegance can be beautiful but perhaps you have a spirit and body that doesn't quite lend itself to just "elegance" then you can be the bomb with panache.

    So many women and men want to really express the power and wake up the world.

    This is it. She shows that anyone can have style.

    Work it girl!

  • Great style… love the look!

  • her ensemble oozes charm and chic and sophistication with casual elegance and a bit of quirkiness for fun. love it!

  • Wow! She's a great stylist, eh. Love the red and black combo as well as her hat, booties and accessories. Lovely!

    Cathy@custom digitizing

  • She is so fierce, love it:)


  • I adore her cuff and ring – the hat is incroyable as well.


    Well, at almost 80, I would hope that one can rock what ever outfit one wants'…
    She looks really wonderful and with that surprise of cowboy boots…..


  • Love you for ever !

  • Hi,
    I've just discovered ur lovely blog, u r so stylish!!!
    i'd love u to visit mine and follow if u like it 😉
    kisses from Spain,

  • Hi, i enjoy the outfit of this Lady! She is so brave to wear whatever she wants! The red and black is always winning combination and this oakley eyeglasses are adding some unforgettable zest in her image! Thanks for this post!