mb! by Mercedes-Benz Takes a Behind the Scenes Look at Advanced Style and The Upcoming Book

One of my favorite ladies, Joyce Carpati, and I met with mb! for Mercedes-Benz  for an exclusive look into one of our Advanced Style Shoots. Joyce, one of the featured subjects of my book, believes that, ” To age is a privilege” and that “Elegance is of the utmost importance” for an  older woman. CLICK HERE for  behind the scenes footage of my shoot with Joyce and preorder the Advanced Style book HERE.

  • Joyce is my favorte AS model…so beautiful and stylish…I adore that jacket with the faux (??) fur collar. Really great.

  • This i how I would like to grow old. She is outstanding and so beautiful.

    🙂 Dorthe DK

  • Хороша!

  • Joyce looks very regal. Looking forward to the book!

  • She looks so elegant and beautiful!


  • Evalyn

    She is so elegant! thank you.

  • Oh wow! I can feel through the photos that she has a strong presence. Fascinating.

  • Good God, she's just so beautiful! So elegant. And these particular photographs are superb.

  • I hope to be afforded the same privilege as Joyce! She looks amazing – and the waist length pearls are an inspiration.

  • So wonderful and elegant.
    Many greetings Sabine

  • Oh, she is stunning…regal indeed!
    Can't wait for the book 🙂
    Have a great weekend!
    – Irina

  • Pero que belleza de mujer.

  • So much class and chic.

  • Anonymous

    Just by chance I came across your blog and love it! I am 61 and I was looking thru my closet last week and a thought crossed my mind…..at my age why not just wear what makes me happy…I love hats and classic clothing ….who cares what is in style….we need to make our own signature style and elegance.Thank you so much for your love and encouragement to us other ladies. God Bless!

  • Fashionmista

    Such poise.Such elegance.Such sophistication. The fabulous fur, the pearls,the gloves.Uberchic.

  • Rebecca

    Joyce could write the book on elegance and beauty. I love your features on her and wonder what she was like in earlier days and how she evolved into such an awesome woman.

  • Your photos are truly inspirational, as are the lovely women and men you're photographing. Beauty is beauty at any age. Thank you for reminding us of that! Makes me nostalgic for my hometown,

  • Do you photograph subjects in any other city beside NY?

  • Eva

    This is a beauty that must be coming from inside as well. She is so radiant! Magic.

  • She got style….

  • Beautiful pictures! She combines flamboyance with elegance plus a very fresh and ladylike style… for me these styles would mean opposing aspects, and I admire her talent to make this unique and perfect mixture.

  • You are so talented with a camera, love her elegance and style. I am capturing the style of all women on my blog…so it's lovely to get inspired 🙂 http://www.stylefig.com/blog

    Kristina 🙂

  • Hot Damn, Joyce is a stunner! Elegance personified in those pearls with the red coat draped over her shoulder.

  • " To age is a privilege" I shall use this when I hear my g.friends complain about having a b.day and getting older. I know b.days are fabulous, the alternative isn't very appealing. I've ordered your book a while ago, can't wait to have it in my hands so I can gift it to my A.S. friend who turned 65 in Dec. Keep up the great photography and inspiration.

  • K

    I hate to overuse the word, but Joyce truly is very regal. Her confidence is so appealing, but she doesn't appear completely unapproachable, either. She reminds me of the Dowager Empress in Anastasia.

  • Just discovering your blog (via publisher you share with Habitually Chic) and love the concept. Looking forward to checking out your book.

  • Oh i love her. So glam, so gorgeous and so chic. What an inspiration. Congrats on your new book. Carla

  • So elegant, so beautiful

  • Fantastic! I love this! So beautiful!

    Style, Fashion, Wellness and Humor

  • She looks perfectly stunning in that black Ladies sweater! Love it!

  • She's a real Lady !

  • Love these ones so much !

  • she's very beautiful…inspiring!

  • Joyce's style and bearing reminds me of Madame in the original British series "Ballet Shoes" (I used to watch that show in the 70s as a child and Madame was my favourite: old-school but elegant, fragile but strong).

  • This lady is a stunning beauty! I don't think I have ever met a person equally beautiful. Wow.

  • Very unique! I like it!

  • Anonymous

    She gives me hope and inspiration.

  • Is there a way to have Joyce share the secret of her beautiful skin? So many would be appreciative! All the best, Babette's Feast