Outside Bergdorf’s

Yesterday I was having lunch at Bergdorf Goodman with a friend, when I noticed that the restaurant was packed with Advanced Style ladies. After a delicious meal we decided to walk through the store for some aesthetic inspiration. A few minutes later I noticed one of my favorite ladies talking to a salesperson in the middle of the room. I photographed her on the Upper West Side one day, but neglected to get her information. I was excited to speak with her again, and after a moment I approached her, to tell her that she will be appearing in my upcoming book. She instantly remembered our initial meeting and was thrilled at the news. She told me that a few people had told her that she would be appearing in a book and that it was fate that we ran into each other. She kindly allowed me to take her photograph again. I can’t wait to hear more about this gorgeous woman and share all of her style tips with everyone.

  • Oooh, she's so gorgeous! She reminds me of Daphne Guinness.

  • Ooooh, I just love her hair (very Daphne Guinness although I suspect this woman probably has had hers longer than Daphne). Happy Passover Ari! (I'm not sure what the correct expression is for this, but you know what I mean..)

  • I agree, her hair does remind me of Daphne Guinness. She's lovely and her ladylike suit is lovely, too.

  • such class…..i'm looking forward to getting my "white on" who knows maybe you'll put me in your next book. ha! one can dream.
    BTW-Love your blog

  • What a stylish lady! I love her!! Can't wait to hear more of her story.

  • Jessica

    I think the hair detracts from her beauty, just too severe a contrast. The rest of her look is pure class all the way.

  • She is so beautiful!!!!

  • I love her hair and well,ALL of her.Just beautiful!

  • I remembered this lovely lady.
    Good idea coloured on hair.Loved.

  • So elegant. And wow that hair! Impressive.

  • What a beautiful woman!!


  • MJ

    Just SOOOO beautiful and classy!

  • que estilazo!!!!!


  • So beatiful and elegant:)

  • I found your blog when Googling "senior blogs". How lovely to see that some ladies…and gentlemen, still dress to go shopping. After seeing these these wonderful outfits, I think I need to go shopping.

  • Her hair!! Nothing short of amazing.

  • Oh, she is stunning. Love that black streak in her hair. Wow, the women you find just never ceases to amaze me. Thanks.

  • She is SO stunning. I hope I look this immaculate when I am older. What an inspiration. Those earrings are incroyable.

  • i love her hair!! it kind of reminds me of a rockabilly gals hair!! two tones. black and white. very nice!