A Technicolor Coat

I noticed this woman’s wonderful coat from across the street on 5th Avenue. I quickly rushed up to her and asked if I could take her photograph. It’s always refreshing to see a burst of color in a crowd of people mostly clad in black. She was happy to pose for a shot in front of Bergdorf’s and even gave me view of the back of her amazing jacket.

  • Wonderful!

  • she looks fabulous 🙂


  • I would have noticed her as well. Beautiful jacket and love her hair!

  • your blog is so inspiring.

  • Wow! She is absolutely gorgeous..and that coat is fantastic! Always a treat to see color.. 🙂

    Constantly inspired by your blog; thank you for sharing these gems. 😀

  • Very cool. Your blog is so beautiful. I love this kind of outfits.

  • What a lovely coat!
    We have a piece like this one in our fall collection, how nice we're thinking alike.

  • What a gorgeous woman with great style. In that last photo, her over-the-shoulder smile is perfect!

  • Dear young people: This is the way to wear pants, so that they cover the top of the shoe and elongate the leg. Wearing skinny jeans that stop at the top of the shoe does not look good unless you're Gisele Bundchen and have 4 foot long legs.

    Love the coat.

  • Nice coat. I'd wear it too!

  • Very nice Ari. I love your job. It must be so much fun taking photos of these people who you sometimes don't even know. Hats off to you. She looks great.

  • She's so radiant… love her style!

  • This is the best coat!! I would love to own this. And it looks so comfy.

  • Oh! She is absolutely studnning — love that last shot of her looking back.

  • This coat is amazing! So many colors! It looks especially great against her light colored hair. This seems fun to wrap up in.


  • I love her! So pretty. I love your blog.


  • That coat is absolutely gorgeous! So envious, want the coat so badly!

  • Beautiful coat. She wears it so well.

  • I'm curious if she made it herself!! Have a feeling she may have! Just gorgeous!! Looks like an artists coat to me!! Very stylish!!

  • Como captas el estilo, me encanta.

  • Ann

    I love your work. What you are doing is pretty amazing. These people, you're showing here, are amazing 🙂


  • I LOVE that coat. I have a similar one in varying shades of blues and violets. It is warm and dresses up any outfit!

  • Looks like a rainbow melted on her coat! She's got great hair too.

  • Not only is the coat wonderful, but so is the MANE of hair and her beautiful smile!

  • que hermoso abrigo de colores muy vivos me encanta

  • wauw I want to look like this beautiful lady when I´m older! the jacket suites her perfectly!
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    Kiss Kiss Mercedes

    Love <3 your blog…

  • Anonymous

    The coat is gorgeous, and it looks like it might be hand woven fabric. I want it!

  • the jacket is amazing!

  • That is awesome jacket! I'm looking forward to seeing myself wearing that jacket.

  • wow, love the outfits and all the colour. Big fan of your blog