Watch: 100 Year Old Ruth Doing Pilates and Stretches

Ruth has more energy than most people half her age. At 100 years old she makes it a point to stretch everyday and attend Pilates classes once a week. Ruth told me that even if she doesn’t feel like exercising she tells herself, ” Just do it” and it always makes her feel better. Ruth looks elegant no matter what she is doing. She says, “I wear lipstick, even when I have to go to the hospital. You never know who you are going to meet.” I am honored to be able to spend time with such an amazing woman and hope she can influence all to stay active.

  • so lovely!!!

  • Me maravilla esta actitud.

  • Me maravilla esta actitud.

  • A goddess! What an inspiration. Is there a way to communicate with her how wonderful she has made me feel to see her enduring embrace of life and being active? I hope she lives for another 100 years!

  • What a fabulous woman, she is truly remarkable.

    The Black Label

  • Super. I love Pilates. Seit drei Jahren. Tolle Frau, tolles Vorbild. Thank you. Gruss von Cosmee

  • Wow, this is amazing, so lovely.
    Greetings Sabine

  • she's so graceful and so inspires me…

  • Great!

  • . Estou encantada com seu blog e suas imagens. Parabéns. By Brazil.

  • Thank you for bringing us such beautiful stories.

  • Exercising is a very good method of keeping young and agile in the body and bones…good video.We get inspired seeing these.

  • Viktoria

    I´ve heard we all have about 130 possible years in us, but we destroy ourselves by not taking care of our bodies properly. If anyone can live that long, it would be Ruth! I´ll make sure I stay just as active as she when I get to that stage in my life. What an inspiration!

  • Spanish Woman

    Thank you Ruth to show us how to be an inspiration for all women. Muchas gracias!

  • Truly inspiring! What a spirit 🙂

  • I love your blog! Thoroughly inspiring!

  • Ohhh, the video is unavailable. -sigh-

    She is one of my absolute favorites!!! What a lovely, lovely lady.

    Gentle hugs,

  • Ari, thank you for being YOU!

  • So inspiring, what a lovely lady 🙂
    -Eva Maria

  • So inspiring. What a lovely lady 🙂
    -Eva Maria

  • This is not only amazing it's inspirational – we can all take up something to improve our health and fitness despite our age.

    She's got TONE!

    And I love, love, love that she's wearing earrings while she works out. 🙂

  • i can only say two things: WOW. and LETS FOLLOW EACH OTHER.


  • Anonymous

    Pretty woman!!!! Love her so much!!!!!!

    Glaucia (Brazil)

  • Wow fantastic.

  • Wow fantastic.

  • Truly inspiring, thanks for sharing

  • What an inspiring woman…..

  • What an inspiring woman! 🙂

  • She's amazing, I better start taking care of myself if I want to look and feel this great when I get older. Inspiring lady.

    – Sóley
    xx we are purple

  • What an amazing woman! I hope that I can be as limber and active as she is when I turn 100 years old. Thank you for sharing her inspirational story.

  • Everytime I come on your blog, I feel like I am just flicking through the pages of Lula magazine!

  • Ruth is a dazzling woman. It is amazing for a 100 year old woman to have a very flexible and energetic body like this. She has proven that age is not an impediment to have strong bones and a flexible body as long as there is discipline, determination, and dedication. With a positive mental attitude, even a hundred year old woman like Ruth can gracefully do Pilates.

  • Ruth, you are absolutely amazing and an absolute inspiration!! If I have half your flexibility at 100 years old I'm going to be one very happy woman. WOW!

  • Ruth is absolutely a role model and an inspiration to women everywhere. I can only hope that I have as much spunk at her age. Or any age!

  • Anonymous

    Very glamorous band sexy still

  • This is surely inspiring. I will ask my granny tomorrow, who is 60 years old by the way, to join me in my pilates classes in Vancouver! She might be one of the hottest grannies, too. Hahahahaha!

  • So great grandma and a great inspiration to all youngsters