Advanced Style Film Trailer

After three years of filming the Advanced Style Ladies, Lina Plioplyte and I are now in the post production stage of our film. In order to complete our film we need your help and support. Please visit  the Kickstarter Page for the Advanced Style Film and donate to the project if you can. We have 24 days left to raise the funds needed in order to complete the film. You can also click on the image below to visit the Kickstarter page. Lina just put together a brand new trailer for the film, which you can see above. Let’s work together to bring these amazing ladies to a theater near you. Thanks for your support!!!

  • Great blog!!!
    I love trends that suggest these ladies

  • WOOOOOW!! I always read your blog and I'm so happy about the movie!!! :)) By the way, I didn't know that Lina is lithuanian!!! :)) I'm so proud of her..

    Lina, tu esi NEREALIIII!!!


  • I am so in love with this blog, and all the awesome lovely people you show us. Thanks you, I was in need of this kind of inspiration.

  • It's great to see the movie coming out. You ladies rock!

  • wow,amazing!;)

  • Ari

    Even down here in Sydney we think you and your grand dames are fab' – I have pledged. SO hope you make it!

    Can't wait to see the film.

    Cheers from Syders!

  • I've donated…

  • Thjis movie will be the best! I'm So much looking forward to seeing it!! Hope it's coming to Stockholm. Or I'll just wait for the dvd.
    Lots of love/

  • always love your posts!! xo

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    thank you!

  • I too am looking forward to the movie. Ari, I just got my copy of your book and it's worth every penny. I will definitely refer to this book when I need some style. Excellent work on the book, outstanding photos of all your beautiful ladies and thank you Ari, for being the kind gentle man and gentleman you are. I'm going to go ride my 3 wheeler in style!!:))

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  • This blog is so awesome! 🙂

  • Looks beautiful! I love these ladies!

  • I love these ladies.they are cute

  • Anonymous

    hello from Finland and I salute and admire You all fabulouse women in these pages!Thank You Ari,I do not after all need a shrink to show me my place being soon 60 and still wanting to be seen.After finding these pages I have reorganized my wardroom,thrown out everyting suitable for my ages and taking my sewmachine again for to use.I love me and my life again and I am beautifull.For the start I am a bit copycat to Debra.She is so me!But developing my skills again I will be an artist for my own life!You are so lucy to live in a big city ,here the athmosphire is a bit tight.My best and biggest huggs ,Kirsi