Advanced Style In Montreux

I was thrilled when this wonderful lady let me take her photo on my day trip to Montreux, Switzerland. When I showed someone this image they remarked, “She must have beautiful when she was younger.” Although this may have been meant as a compliment I wonder why they hadn’t just remarked on how beautiful the woman is now. This is something that I often hear. Isn’t it possible for people to become more beautiful as they get older?

  • Another beautiful photo. You are so right though, and I'm guilty of this myself. Quite often I look at someone, and think, gosh, they must have been really beautiful (or handsome) when they were younger. When, of course, if we are thinkikng that, then they are still beautiful now. Good point. I've gone in and pre-ordered your book by the way. I'm sure it will be sumptious!

  • This woman certainly is VERY beautiful!!! 🙂

  • Your beautiful Swiss model is exquisite – and leopard print with turquoise is splendid!

    Sarah xxx

  • I love the work you do. The beauty of your models is already there, but you frame it in such an affirmative way that it's impossible to ignore it. I love it!

  • Oh, absolutely. And none of this "She looks great for her age" nonsense either! She looks great. Period. (Or, actually, better than great. Gorgeous, glorious, and fabulous.)

  • She is stunning! I also love how wonderful her makeup looks on her as well. She has aged gracefully and I can only wish I look half as good when I grow old.

  • She is lovely and ever so stylish. I love her mix of green coat (great color!) and leopard blouse.

  • When I grow older I just want to look like her. Amazing 🙂

  • Wow, she's truly even more beautiful now. With age one gets better I feel.
    Graceful smile on a pretty face!

  • She IS beautiful right now! wow

  • Anonymous

    Lovely! Glad to see you're enjoying Zurich!

  • Anonymous

    Well another who doesn't get it because they've been influence by myths and a skewed sense of perception probably due to media influences. Beauty is not something which is finite and comes and goes. It is. Beauty exists.
    It's like looking at a tree with various colorings of falling leaves and commenting that it must have been a beautiful tree before the fall.
    There are stages in life and in nature: why not so in life and humans?
    See what we have to overcome…
    Ari you are probably one of the few people who get it!

  • Why oh why does our culture only equate youth with beauty. True beauty is ageless!

  • hi from Switzerland,
    she is indeed a beautiful woman,

    all the best, Christa

  • А тут интересно!
    Я подпишусь к тебе,если ты подпишешься ко мне,будем отслеживать друг друга посты!:)

  • Evalyn

    Luckily, being beautiful when you were younger does not preclude being beautiful when you are older!

  • Leopard & mint – fabulous!
    Tina @ http://www.Tinacious.Me

  • I agree, this woman is a beautiful woman with class and a style all her own. Yes I know the feeling when some one says, you must have been beautiful when you were young. Hummph!!! 🙂 Take care Ari.

  • She is beautiful
    and I have heard that statement
    many times…

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you Ari. People say that all the time and mean well, but, should re-think and realize people like this woman ARE beautiful. Another phrase I don't like is "She looks good for someone her age." It's as if people of a certain age are expected to look bad. This woman is truly stunning! Great outfit too! I love your blog!

  • The answer is "Yes". The expression "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is true. We are conditioned to see older people in a sad light. This is why your work is so important and educational.

  • Way to go! Love how you think and what you say.

    Keep posting all these beautiful ladies. They radient beauty!

    Lurker leaving a comment (just HAD to)

  • Another inspirational quote to toss about! Great color with leopard print and this woman's hair is like a beautiful halo.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. It's a different perspective, but you are aiming the universal concept of beauty if there is such a thing. That is exactly what you've been teaching us throughout your blog. What is beautiful? Can we see beauty in people of all ages? It's there, but we are bombarded by and fed zillions of pictures of models in their early twenties or younger. Prime age for women is said to be around 35. Yet, beauty queens are in their teens.

    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I think that you try to train or minds not just our eyes to see beauty where we've not been looking for it before. I understand that is also about respect for wisdom and knowledge that can only be gained by a life long experience. That's what you've been saying. What a delicate approach it is to teach that through style! Why have we been overlooking that in our advanced societies?

    If we only focus on prime age or younger, we tend to disregard or perhaps even devalue and dread all the other periods of our lives – at least visually. Life is longer than that. Can we be visible all the way through? Can we dear to be beautiful till the end? Can we feel beautiful relying only on the viewers, in other words, the others' perception of us? Do we have the power to project inner beauty at any age? Your models do. It's very easy to see physical beauty in a body or face at it's peak. But it's ephemeral. It's not obvious, but our cells change constantly by the nanosecond. What is it that stay with us that we can hold onto? Is beauty exclusively about the physical characteristics of a body? I have quite a few questions for you.


  • Reading this makes me guilty as I often think the same. I will immediately change that! It is a matter to look at it in a different way as our "eyes" are educated to find beauty very often only in youth (in magazines one sees only young people and they are declared as beautiful). But we should be advanced by now… Christa

  • Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  • Ari, you are a light shining the truth on those of us who are no longer 21. Thank you!

  • RebeccaNYC

    Always beautiful!

  • If you really are looking for an honest answer to this question, I would say : " Not very often… or .., usually not…. or not that I have seen so far… "etc

    I would not put the question in these terms
    because to me the question is not about 'beauty"
    but about how we handle age, how stylish we are, how we show experience , wisdom, how we show that we have lived an how much living we have done… etc etc

    have fun in Switzerland

  • If you really are looking for an honest answer to this question, I would say : " Not very often… or .., usually not…. or not that I have seen so far… "etc

    I would not put the question in these terms
    because to me the question is not about 'beauty"
    but about how we handle age, how stylish we are, how we show experience , wisdom, how we show that we have lived an how much living we have done… etc etc

    have fun in Switzerland

  • CarolWL

    She's a stunner, isn't she? Hard to take your eyes off her. Just beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    This lady is not only beautiful but she has a classiness about her that one only gets with age.
    Cathy G

  • Beautiful picture… She looks great!

  • Such a beautiful woman, and I also plan on rockin' leopard at her age. xo

  • Anonymous

    I've been struggling with the interpretation of the concept of beauty for a long time.

    "Life is beautiful." Experience life to the fullest. Style is one segment, but it's more than simply being eye candy. Ari's models convey more than style. It's the way they carry themselves with tranquillity and qualm. Their eyes project understanding. Let's celebrate life through style. But style is just the tip of the iceberg. Let's take a good look at the tip and celebrate the iceberg.

    Maria, Hungary

  • Anonymous

    Please read "calm" not qualm in my previous comment. So much for phonetics.

  • Absolutely! This kind of "compliment" is awful. Great Ari Seth Cohen we all love you . Tks for all you ´ve done about us.

  • Viktoria in Sweden

    I know several women who were awkward in their youth and really "come together" style-wise and sort of "grow into" their own bodies and proportions as they age. I have sometimes seen older photos of stylish women and been surprised at how plain they used to be.

  • I discovered your blog and forthcoming book today thanks to The Daily Beast. This discussion reminds me of a line from some old TV sit-com, where two young women are talking and one says to the other, "I hope I look as good as Mary Tyler Moore when I get to be her age." The other young woman looks at her for a moment, and then says, "Um, you don't look that good now. Do you think something's going to change?"

    Just pre-ordered your book and posted a link on my FB page. Thank you for helping to change hearts and recalibrate eyes. At almost 61now, I look forward to a new landscape when I am 90 and beyond; very exciting.

  • Thank you Ari for your vision and clear sight. The men and women you photograph are inspiring.They show originality and a zest for life that most other people do not have.

  • This woman is most definitely beautiful and glamorous, love her white hair and her beautiful smile. Wonderful photography!

  • MJ

    She is soooo beautiful soooo right now! Geesh!

  • really like the advanced style !

  • Oh Ari that is exactly what I thought to myself when I saw this picture, "wow isnt she beautiful". (side note) You have no idea how you have made an impact on my self esteem and how I see myself, I may not be beyond 60 but im a BBW and we get the same treatment as older people and I have come out of my cocoon because of you and the wonderful advanced style ladies especially L.Dell Beautiful is what I see when I see these women!