Advanced Style Kickstarter

Lina and I launched the official Kickstarter for our Advanced Style Film today. We can’t wait to see the response. After filming these incredible ladies for over two years we are ready to wrap up the production of our film by the end of Summer. Check out the video and our Kickstarter link  .We only have a month to reach our goal and we would be so grateful if you could share the link to our project with friends and family . We would love to see  the Advanced Style ladies on the big screen and with your support we can make this a reality!!!!You can join the Facebook for the film Here and once again the link to Kickstarter  HERE. Thank you so much for your help and support!!!

  • I love seeing the hapiness in the face of the other (sorry but my english is very bad ;D)
    Great post!!
    Kisses from Madrid,

  • Congratulations!!! So many wonderful achievements and accolades. I've put a link to your blog and book on my most recent post. You've inspired so many of us.

    Love, Jean

  • Sally in C’ville

    I just got my Advanced Style book! It is MAGNIFICENT! You have done a terrific job. Tomorrow I am going to show it to my very stylish 95 year old mother in law…lived in Manhattan her whole life…who dresses to the nines every day…even to go to the grocery store. She(and the ladies in this beautiful book) are my role models. Bravo Ari!

  • The happiness and smiles! it makes you young! And could really tell that you're still young!
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  • Yes Ari, you make all of us, proud. I love that I can say I knew you back when…. I put the widget up on two of my blogs. They look very stylish and at home there. Smile!


  • Libby

    Congrats Ari!!! You truly are an inspiration.

  • Ari, this is very exciting! I will be pledging, as well as featuring this link…I am also going to have your new book as a giveaway on my blog…yippee!
    All the best,
    – Irina

  • I just popped over from Carla Coulson's great blog and told her I probably qualify for "advanced" so I migh need some pointers from your fabulous ladies here!

    I will be back often and good luck with your movie!

  • The jacket is crazy, but I love how much it stands out! 🙂

  • The lime green jacket is crazy, but I love how much the color pops. 🙂