Advanced Style x smart urban stage: How Do We reNew The Meaning of The Word New?

I was recently asked to participate in an online project developed by the company behind smart Car. The smart urban stage is a project that seeks visual answers to the question of how to build  a better city. They are using this online platform and working with creatives throughout the globe who pose questions about the future of our cities which are then answered by other  visual artists in their chosen medium. Myriam Laroche, founder of Eco Fashion Week posed the question, ” How can urban dwellers reNew the meaning of the word new?” As you know I think its very important to for us all to reprogram and renew how we think about aging and how we interact with older people. To check out my response to Myriam’s question CLICK HERE.

  • The first image above is one of my all time favorites of yours!

  • she's really impressive 🙂

  • Oh… geniální!

  • Evalyn

    The last AARP newsletter had a bit about your blog and book. It also contained an article about pocket neighborhoods, a very interesting and new approach to the old idea of living in a village.

  • Anonymous

    Your response is a very professional one. Listening to our elders is a valid quest – especially in our modern times. Isn't it interesting that we as a society might just start listening to them? They are all around us. You say they are visible we just don't look at them enough. What an ingenious way it is to make them more visible by focusing your lens on them! You see them in a certain way. Actually, you can see them. For some, they might be harldy visible, but they are clearly visible to you. Can we all see them the way you do? I think we can. That is a great quest. Isn't it our faith turning into advanced stylists one-by-one like autumn leaves? You are doing a great job pawing the way. Great job, Ari.
    Maria, Hungary

  • I am a huge fan of keeping fit in all ages, have been working with celebity trainer Mark Anthony and I love the see women keeping fit in all ages. Great photo's, fit and stylish….was not to love.

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  • Saludable!!!

  • she is socool