Maureen Gumbe, Geneva

 I met Maureen Gumbe over Facebook a few weeks ago and was so excited to finally meet her in person in Geneva.She has a great eye for color and a spirit to match. I told Maureen to come visit New York, so we can go hat shopping and shoot some great new shots.

  • Isn't she divine!!!!!

  • QUEEN!!!

  • Anonymous

    They're gorgeous!

  • She is stunning!!

  • Oh my goodness, I love her! So gorgeous.

  • totally awesome ! viva Maureen !

  • Nella

    My Aunt looks ever so fab!! Yay, Aunty Maureen!!

  • Glorious colors, evoking sun and sea!

  • Gorgeous smile. Perfect style!

  • Amazing! I love the colors.

  • Love these happy colours!

  • Es gibt doch etwas, was all diese tollen individuellen Frauen verbindet: ihr Stil. Sie erscheinen mir frisch trotz ihres teilweisen hohen Alters, so losgelöst von der trendigen Mode. Und gerade das macht sie aus. Sie haben sich selbst gefunden in ihrem Stil. Jenseits von Modetrends und trotzdem Trend. Nämlich ihr eigener. Ausdruck ihrer Seele. Gruss von Cosmee, immer wieder schwer beeindruckt von diesen schönen Frauen.

  • Amazing! I simply must go hat shopping.

  • Maureen, you look FABulous!!!! When I gorw up I wnat to look like you. Go Diva with your bad self – LOL

  • Anonymous

    Over at The Daily Mail your new book and wonderful photographs are getting excellent comments from their, usually, critical readers.

    Maureen Gelfer.
    New Zealand.

  • Anonymous

    Wow a happy lady…glowing and bright!….adore her hat and use of colors!
    Cathy G

  • this must be one of my favorite outfits/ladies youve ever posted! Love her smile, colors and accessories! :D:D thanks for posting

  • The power of orange! And the beauty of hats!

  • Tess

    So beautiful! I am amazed at the colours. So inspiring!

  • Stunning colours!

    Take a look at my fashion illustrations and art (and follow if you like):

  • Maureen's joyful spirit is evident in her smile and her clothing!

  • Her blue skirt is what first catches my eye…and then the hat!

  • great!!! i love your blog and the wonderful ladys!!!

  • Love the colors! And that Medusa inspired hat… I want one!

  • I did not know that we have such fashionable Ladies in Geneva! WOW! Christa

  • K

    Oh my word, those colors pop! Love it!

  • Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Well, as a close friend of this lovely lady, I can tell you she's just as bright and beautiful inside as out. Not to mention a very talented singer! So glad to see her featured here and glad to see our lovely city highlighted.

  • I like these ladies.

  • Lynne97060

    Beautiful Maureen is my color pop for today…Thinking of her clear skies blues and tropical orange and general sensibility will keep me warm in the frigid winds today…

  • Proof that you are never too mature to be a bohemian. Where does Ms M get that divine headgear?