The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: The Advanced Style Book

I have been talking about my book for months and it’s finally available internationally on May 22. I think that it would make a pretty swell Mother’s Day gift and my mom agrees! I would be honored if you would share my book with your mother or grandmother. To Preorder the Advanced Style book CLICK HERE. I also wanted to share some of my photos from recent travels to Paris and Geneva. I got to sign some advanced copies at Colette in paris and my gallery show at Flux Laboratory. I can’t wait to celebrate in New York next week!

  • WOW!!! And I thought the photos on the blog were wonderful. Seeing them displayed… THEY ARE AMAZING!!!

    Your book as a Mothers Day gift?


    I think I'll buy myself one, and put it on the coffee table for all to see!!!

    Great Work Ari!!!

    Hugs From My Heart

  • Congratulations on your book! 🙂

  • ooh you came to geneva! yay!
    and well done! you really did a great work!

  • congrats on the book!

    I must say it's very tempting … I already caved and preordered it!

  • Congratulations!!!! very cool.
    Is your book in germany?

  • I'm SO buying this for my gran 🙂

  • So fascinating! I know I'll be making the purchase one of these days.

  • My grandma would love this! She has been a designer for 50 years and is always looking for new inspiration and ways to reinvent classic styles. Perfect! & our mother's day isn't until the 27th, so I still have time!

  • So amazing! Congratulations!

    Mary Jane

  • Your photos look just fabulous displayed like that–how much fun that must have been for you! I'm looking forward to getting my copy from Amazon when it's released. I will be celebrating in spirit with you next week!

  • Is there a way to preorder a signed copy and have it sent to Stockholm, Sweden? Do you know of any place who could help me with that? Don't think one get signed ones at Amazon. Had already planned to get it for mom when you mentioned it here now.

    My mom is an advanced lady with style. Not that her age has anything to do with it. She has always had advanced style 🙂 To give her your book would be perfect.

    Thanks so much for a lovely blog! And the whole idea itself – a tribute to all the loveley and strong ladies who carry themselves so beautifully through life.

  • Bravo. This is simply wonderful and the prints are luscious. I'm applauding.

  • I pre-order 2 books one for my mom, and one for me, and I can't wait!

  • תמונות יפות

  • Soon in my mailbox….I'm really looking forward to it!

  • Books look great!

  • I cannot wait for my copy to arrive. It has been on order for months…

  • So thrilled for you and the ladies. What a marvelous achievement and a gift to the world. Enjoy your success and all your travels.

  • Looks good, I ordered one for my sisters brithday ~ I'm sure she'll love it.

  • Felicidades por esto. Se ve genial.

  • I am so excited about the London book signing! Can't wait.

  • hmmmm…she's still so sweet.greeting

  • she is so amazing.

  • can we go to holiday together?