Advanced Style Glasgow

Yesterday I traveled with House of Fraser to Glasgow to attend the Scottish Fashion Awards. Right when I got into the city I went to small cafe to grab a bite to eat. These two amazing gentleman were sitting at the table next to me and I asked if I could take their photo. I have had a fantastic trip so far and have met the most incredible people. I wish I had more time in this wonderful city, but I’m off to Paris to  celebrate my book launch tomorrow.

  • Great shot! You're lucky to be able to travel through Europe. Good luck with you book promotions!

  • Красавцы!

  • Cool Style!

  • The people of Scotland are amazing and such a shame you could not stay longer, the highlands are not to be missed. What a dapper image these two gents portray! Enjoy Paris. You have done so well, I'm so glad I found you!

  • Dea

    OMG – these two gentlemen really rock! 😀

  • How much do I love your blog??? Well I can tell you it's loads more since seeing these two dapper Scots gentlemen. Wowsers..the kilt, the hankie, the red bobble on the blue hat…oh my heavens.

    What a treat on a drizzly day in GB, thank you xxx

  • That photo is awesome – they really do look different. A bit like those characters you see in movies but still so interesting.
    Good luck with the book launch 🙂

  • They're quite dapper!

  • They are wonderful!

  • Congrats on your mention in Bazaar.

  • My mom lives in Paris. I don't think you posted where exactly you'll be doing your launch in Paris yet, have you? I'd love for her to go. (she's 82 and fabulous!)


  • These Gentlemen look fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this picture today. I love how distinguished, but comfortable they are.

  • It's nice to see some male models here! They are so underrepresented.

    Poor you, you have to go to celebrate your book launch. What a drag! Oh well, congratulations for your book launch celebration. I am steeming with envy, but I am happy for you at the same time.

  • I am so grateful to have found your blog! I love the style in which you write, what you write about and just generally the whole layout is the epitome of perfect!
    I am your newest follower!

    Love from, Eternal Archive

  • Ari, I'm so glad and honoured that you enjoyed your time in my home city. The two gentlemen that you discovered and their dog do indeed all look splendid. I'm going to suggest that you try Googling "Fran and Anna" if you want to see some extreme Scottish Advanced style.

  • Awww so delighted to see a post from you in a city I love living in so much! These men look incredible and a great thing about Glasgow is that it isn't a rarity to see guys like this so proud of their national dress! Loved this blog long time, and now even more!

  • Aw, I was at the awards! I wore something that belonged to my Granny when she was my age and she's 73 now so the dress is a nod to advanced style in a way!
    These guys look great, but it's strange to think a lot of us Scots wouldn't even look twice at them. It's just totally normal to dress so dapper! x

  • Yeah, please read 'steaming' with envy for me in my previous comment. Thank you.

  • They are so cute.