Carola Near Off Broadway boutique

Carola looks absolutely stunning in this gorgeous Summer dress. She told me that since looking at Advanced Style she has become braver with her fashion choices and she has also started to incorporate hats into her wardrobe.

  • Gabriela

    Dear Ari,

    I am 40-something, live in Germany and I LOVE your blog! Thanks a lot for this wonderful idea!

    Still, I have one wish. It would be wonderful to know how old your "models" are. I think this would be so inspiring for all readers, to learn that age is no limit for style. By now, we just know that those women must be something between 70-90 (???) but not how old each of them really is. I know, women don't like to talk about their age, but in this case it should be different. And it would be so good to show some of those pictures to your mum and say "hey look, this woman is 5 years older than you are, so of course you can wear this colorful scarf!" 🙂 Would that be possible to always add this information into your picture comments?

    Thanks a lot in advance and again, thank you so much for this wonderful blog.

  • She does look gorgeous and she really knows how to wear a hat!

  • I adore that hat 🙂 x

  • So lovely. it is such fine detail with bracelets, sandals and hat. And so beautiful in sleeveless dress. Advanced Style has also influenced me to think of colors. And thanks for the great blog.

  • I live in Bend Oregon, where mountains, ranches and forests are in great abundance .. the fashions and lovely faces of the women you feature are inspiration to ditch the jeans and cowgirl boots from time to time and just 'go for it.'

    Helen, 70 years young.


  • b

    Ari Seth Cohen, I am always in awe of your women and how they can strike a pose. But more than that I love that they embrace their age as well as their beauty. I wrote a post about just that today. Thank you for the inspirations.


  • Oh the hat…amazing!

  • What a gorgious hat she is wearing…wow!
    I just saw the 60th weddingparty from miss Lynn at a show about catering cooks on the Dutch television and i said to my boyfriend…hey that woman i know from Ari's blog. She always looks so chique.And i think i saw you too at the party.

  • Carola looks killer decked out in that hat. Best hat I have ever seen. I just picked up your book and I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed looking at it. So many beautiful inspirational and unique women to behold. I wish my own Grandma were still alive so I could share them with her, I think she would find them fascinating and maybe even a bit weird.

    Bless you for seeing them and sharing them with us.

  • K

    That is pretty fabulous!

  • I will be 80 in the fall and always liked to be different than my girl friend Then I got older and thought I needed to be a little more conservative. Your blog has encourage me to go back to the things I loved to wear when I was 20. No platform shoes though

  • Her red hat is wonderful.

  • I also absolutely love your blog! It brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. I am in my late forties and currently fretting over wrinkles and old age, but seeing these wonderful women here gives me courage and lets me embrace my own old age.

  • that's so great, that she's been inspired to branch out and take more risks 🙂

    I hope that I will be like that when I'm older, fearless in my fashion, bold and independent.

  • I love the dress and sandals. it reminds me my GF. she used to wear this kind of dress and sandals.

  • great post!



  • Anonymous

    My goodness–is that a PINK bra I see?? I love this lady already!

  • I really like these ladies.

  • Since you started with Advanced Style, the whole world has gone braver. You are my hero, and I know I will tell you in person one day.

  • This is absolutely stunning, and is giving me serious pause when I consider my no hat aesthetic….Great blog, thanks so much for championing advanced style.

  • I love her beautiful, infectious smile.

  • That is one of the most beautiful summer hats I've ever seen–it frames Carola's lovely face perfectly!

  • Estilo, atitude!!! Essa mulher tem de sobra!!!!

  • I love this dress! Thanks for finding.

  • Dutch women really are so stylish and this lady is no exception. She's got it all going on – coordinating her glasses and fabulous hat with her graphic jacket. Very cool.

  • Marianne

    Oh, I love very much all this ladies! I'm 79 y.o. now – but never have courage put on this kind of clothes. But perhaps…
    with love