Color Coordination in Amsterdam

The Advanced Style ladies have taught me the importance of harmony and balance when it comes to dressing. I think more about how to coordinate the different colors and elements of my outfits to create a more beautiful whole. The woman above did a splendid job of coordinating her accessories with her wonderful graphic coat. Style really does advance with age!

  • How wonderful; these women enable me to look at myself in a whole new light. Thanks Ari!

  • Great headpiece!

  • Great headpiece!

  • What a cool hat!

  • Wow! Isn't she something! And what a cool hat! Really glad I came across this blog.

  • so lovely!

  • I would love to know where she got her glasses and her hat — I love the colours and the hat is such a fabulous shape!

  • She has some seriously amazing glasses! I love the headpiece too.


  • She looks amazing and the dark purple really works. I hope I look this cool in a few years' time!

  • I want those glasses! (er, the frames actually)

  • I love the unique and complex nature of her headpiece.

  • Sandra Swanson – Rochester, NY

    What a hat! It makes me smile!

  • Anonymous

    …..portratrait in purples….lovely……great glasses…….so much style in glasses to choose from nowadays…….

  • Lovely hat!!!She looks amazing

  • What a headpiece and glasses.Both items are matching and are increasing the attraction of this beautiful lady.The post and the whole blog is so fantastic and awesome .I like the effort so much.

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  • jeannie stylist

    Love the color combo!

  • Dutch women really are so stylish and this lady is no exception. She's got it all going on – coordinating her glasses and fabulous hat with her graphic jacket. Very cool.
    Jean & Valerie
    The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

  • This lady is a hatmaker/millner herself and I know she always combines the color of her outfits with the color of her glasses and hats. You can find her and her site here:

  • Isn't she amazing! The hat is by PSHats. Check it out at

  • I love the color of your head piece grandma:D You really look fabulous.

  • Would love to know whose bracelts Rose is wearing.?
    Thanks, nancie