Daphne Selfe

It was a privilege to meet 83 year old supermodel Daphne Selfe at my book signing in London two weeks ago. She is wearing an amazing dress by my friend Fanny Karst who designs a collection called The Old Ladies’ Rebellion. I just got back to New York and am excited to see all the Advanced Style ladies and see what they have been up to!
  • Wonderful … a timeless beauty!

  • Ohh… that dress!!!

  • What a gorgeous lady!:) And her dress is amazing. Such great style! 🙂
    Diana from http://thegirlwhocouldntbeafashionista.blogspot.ie/

  • I Love the dress and she is beautiful. 🙂 Susan Cooper

  • Lorena

    she looks great and very confident. I would love to be able to talk to her and find out her views and tips on life.

  • WOW! She's so colorful and full of life..love her style! That dress is awesome!

  • I think this dress is one of my favorites that I have ever seen on here! So beautiful and cheery!

  • wonderful!!!

  • Daphne is a beautiful person. I worked with her about 10 years ago on a fashion shoot & was so pleased that she recognised me at your London book launch!

  • Both this lady and her dress are absolutely gorgeous. As an OT working in the field of older people's mental health I am so often amazed by how often the people that I see at work do not fit that elderly fuddy duddy stereotype anymore!

  • I love her dress! She looks beautiful!

  • Stunning!

  • Anonymous

    83 yrs old…..so hard to believe!…..proof positive for all of us that at any age we can love ourselves and be creative with our life and style. What an inspiration to us all. Thank you Ari for bringing this beautiful lady to us.
    Cathy G

  • She is beautiful…

  • wow. truly remarkable.

  • That dress is amazing. As is she and her style. Love it!

  • So lovely! Wanda in Edmonton

  • Leslie


  • A wonderful lady! Timeless beauty!

  • OMG she's stunning, love her dress

  • Hey! This blog is super original. Congrats!

  • She has great style, and beautiful posture, no doubt from her modelling days.

  • Dea

    Oh how I love this look!!! 🙂

  • Love her, she's amazing. And that dress instantly cought my eye! I want it.

    we are purple

  • Love it all from head to toe!

  • Stunning!!!

  • Stunning!!!

  • Anonymous

    What style…Modeling as a new career…mmmm

  • love that dress!

  • I love everything, except the shoes. But I guess at that age, high heels are a little dangerous. Nevertheless, I hope I can keep wearing mine for many, many years. Shoes and earrings make the outfit — and they have to match.