Debra Rapoport and Tziporah Salamon

This weekend Tziporah Salamon, Debra Rapoport and I attended a conversation between Iris Apfel and Tavi Gevinson at The Met. During the panel discussion Tavi and Iris discussed everything from what inspires their personal style to notions of conventional beauty in the fashion industry. What I appreciated most about the conversation was how Tavi and Iris both considered style a means for personal expression. Like The Advanced Style ladies they believe that fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously, that it should be fun and creative, and allow people to escape from the seriousness of daily life.

I have always associated dressing up with play.Growing up, my mom and grandmother allowed me to look their drawers and dress up in my grandfather’s old jackets, hats and argyle socks.Dressing up can nurture our creative spirits and it doesn’t have to stop at a certain age!

  • I had the same wonderful experience growing up. One of my favorites modes of play was to go through my grandmother's closet and drawers and dress up in her 1940s clothes and shoes.

  • totally agree! fashion is a way of expression, and it's all about fun and creativity!!!

  • That it so correct! Clothing is art and art is a game. Filled with fun and colours, feathers and costumes with personality! Fashion is a childhood dream and a grown-up escape into that dream!

  • ¡Fantásticas!
    The outfits of my dreams

  • These women looks fantastically 🙂

  • I love their hats!

  • Two of my favorite advanced style models. They look as if they came right out of a story book. The textures and colors and shapes are almost too rich to believe! The hats and hand-made jewelry are lovely. I wonder if they had a word to say what would that be? One word only.

  • Love it!


  • Stunning photo of Debra and Tziporah, creatively expressing themselves!

  • RebeccaNYC

    I can't open a magazine or newspaper, or read a blog these days without seeing some mention of your wonderful blog and new book. You do such wonderful work…thank you for changing the idea of what "beautiful" is! Hip Hip hurrah for you!! xoxo

  • I love this blog. It gives us oldsters courage.

  • Love their lovely hat.

  • Really two inspiring women.

  • Love them. I hope to give you all a BIG HUG one day!!!

  • "playing dress up" is what it's all about! if there isn't the opportunity for transformation each day, how will you ever figure out the style that's most uniquely you?

    P.S. I also dressed up as a kid, but in my mom's slips…a tit for a tat, I say…

    • Sean: I am retired so I don't use make up often. Some mornings I will pull out my makeup, and begin to play dress-up. Then I will pull out ball gowns, business suits and different style shoes. What fun ! Then I change clothes, wash my face and take a nap.

  • I still play dress up. It is what keeps me sane. 🙂

  • Debra and Tziporah look wonderful together. The experience of seeing each is enhanced expotentially when they are together. Out of this world! Thank you both for enabling us to be happy to see you.

  • Sean you sound delightful! Every time I look at this photo of Debra and Tziporah I smile . . . :))

  • Please tell me…..are those hats knit? and if so were they from the E.Z. Almanac? I swear they look familiar

  • Anonymous

    These two add some fun to dressing. Love it.

  • lovely clutches..


  • Accessory wise, this is exactly how I want to look if I reach these ladies age. I want people to hear my earrings and bracelets jingle jangle from miles away, I want people to wince as they approach me as the sun bounces of its reflection from my jewellery, I want my colourful clothing to brighten people's day, I want, I want, I want…

  • Anonymous

    I love these two, always so sharp and complement each other wonderfully.

  • debra-we have the same shoes!! xx