Gitte Lee: Style Is Eternal

Today I met with the gorgeous cover star of my book, Gitte Lee. We had a quick tea in the beautiful lobby of my hotel The Corinthia and then headed to Sloane Square for a glass of Prosecco. I haven’t seen Gitte since we met two years ago, so  I was especially excited to give her a copy of The Advanced Style book. I’m always a little anxious when showing the book to the Advanced Style ladies, so I was thrilled when Gitte told me that she’s going to take the book all around the world and boast that she is on the cover!
  • She is looking so chique and elegant! I love purple and it looks very good on her.

  • Absolutely eternal, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Great post!!!
    Can we have an interview about your blog?
    I've just added you on facebook 🙂
    BTW i ll be glad if we can deal with that:)

  • She is definitely one of my favorites of your ladies, Ari. It's always a pleasure to see your photos of her. She's so beautiful and elegant!

  • Mel

    She is just gorgeous! I love her ensemble!

  • Anonymous

    Love the whole outfit! Stunning!
    Cathy G

  • Rebecca

    Gitte was a perfect model for the cover of Advanced Style. She is beautiful, elegant and owns her style.

  • So bold with color and so beautiful!

  • Damn. Absolutely stunning. I just won a bookstore gift certificate and I know just what I'm going to buy with it.

  • I am obsessed with your blog and this project – I just discovered it today. Thank you so much for your thoughtful decision to bring these beautiful women's styles and, more importantly, wisdom to our attention!

  • Oh wow, Gitte looks fabulous and I am very much looking forward to the book launch tomorrow!

  • I like it! ♥

  • I am absolutely obsessed with this post and now your blog. LOVE.


  • leilani

    All your ladies are charming and inspiring — each in her own way.
    Just received your book yesterday and it was such a joy. The photographs are sharp and beautiful–details show up so well and the paper quality is outstanding.

    On behalf of we women of a certain age, I thank you for being our cheering section!

  • Great style! Timeless inspiration!

  • She definitely was the perfect person for the cover of your wonderful book Ari. Just look at her, she is stunning. Sound like you are having a wonderful time. Right on!

  • AHHHHHH i love love love your work. U r absolutely darling and ur ladies to die for. I always enjoy how you can capture a smile amidst such glowing fashion. Warms me to the core.

  • First time on your blog for me after reading an article on French newspaper

    These women are stunning !

  • Anonymous

    And then she smiled, which is of course, the perfect accesory.

  • Guauuu!!! I love her style… Really a gorgeus post!!! I post one of your photos (with url) in my last post:D
    !! Besos from Madrid!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Guauuu!!! I love her style… Really a gorgeus post!!! I post one of your photos (with url) in my last post:D
    !! Besos from Madrid!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Your blog is an endless source of inspiration!
    and I love her brooch ^_^

    Have a nice weekend!

  • Could you please write a post about her beauty and make up routines?

    She's fabulous. what color lipstick, blush etc. more details please.

  • And why wouldn't she be thrilled?
    Here, she looks fabulous–again!

  • Love her bag, simply gorgeous!

  • Congratulations!!

  • she is so elegant.

  • delightful to see her look so well and so chic. love to see the big gorgeous baby grrrrrl smile. wow.