One of things that I appreciate most about the women I photograph is the freedom in which they express themselves. For the Advanced Style ladies dressing is a means of personal expression. They longer have to to impress others and feel free to dress as they please.

  • tenho 19 anos e adoro ler esse blog
    isso mostra que "estilo não tem idade"

  • It is wonderful to have that freedom!

  • I saw a lady worthy of your blog at Ascot today, she was a vision in pink and I chose her as my favourite look from Ascot Day 2…have a look Ari, I think you might like her :o) xx

  • Wow, that's utterly fantastic! Such joy radiating from her!

  • I'd love it if you could ad when and where (and who) you're photographing. It just adds to the interest for me. I think this photo's from London, is it?

  • Christina

    I have been following your blog for a quite a while, it is really cool and inspiring. Can't wait to grow old.

  • This photo is a perfect example of what this blog is all about – she looks happy, confident and very stylish!

  • Love that outfit! See? There is no need for 5 inch stiletto platforms. "real" shoes that can walk a couple of miles are great withoutfits too. 🙂

  • Well stated! Keep on inspiring us. 🙂

  • Amen to that.

  • I love the wrap top. I see stylish woman all the time, and I love that woman of a previous generation was so good at dressing up for leaving the house, I hate the slackness of our generation!

  • "feel free to dress as they please" They use clothes in such a beautiful way!

  • oooh just too cool!!!

  • Coincido contigo y es que la moda, a cualquier edad, no debería esclavizarnos sino darnos libertad y hacernos sentir seguras…

  • Anonymous

    I love the concept of your blog and book. It appears that the majority of the women you took photos of, who all are well dressed and groomed, is because they all have MONEY. If you have MONEY, you can afford to still dress fashionably, hair, nails, and face all look great. However, these women are not the "normal" in this age group.

  • I am a firm believer in dressing as one pleases! My husband? Not so much! He mourned when I threw out all my cruel shoes in favor of pure comfort! Men! Can't live with 'um, can't shoot 'um!!

  • Great as always.

  • one thing I can see after following the blog: There is no fixed "style" for elder, like all the kids do. To be hip, follow the latest fashion… how lame and uninspirational is that? To express your OWN style is the true meaning of fashion freedom, and this is what I adore so much in all your pictures.

  • I'm in love with this outfit, and adore this woman's style. I don't have that at 47 yrs. old, but I try. She inspires me. I love your blog,…and rush to it daily and have to just give you a big "Thank You" for the inspiration and ideas.