Zandra Rhodes

My dreams came true this week, when I met one of my style icons, Zandra Rhodes, in London. Ever since I was a little boy my mom has talked about and shown me pictures of Zandra.She is not only incredibly talented and creative, but the most kind and welcoming person you will ever meet. Her new collection of clothing blew my mind. Check out her website to inquire about her magical creations

  • ENERGY GIRL !!!!

  • I've always LOVED Zandra Rhodes too! What a talent! And what an inspiration!

  • That's on Bremondsey street where I used to live. She lives there and has an awesome apartment from what I hear. Every year there is a festival on the street and sometimes Zandra has a fashion stall. It's a wonderful community – I'm sad that I was priced out from living there.

  • I love this blog! Amazing woman! 🙂

  • she is EVERYTHING!!

  • A post on Molly Parkin would be great…

  • Zandra is a true original!

  • Susan

    I noticed her beautiful skin. And then she said she sleeps in her makeup!!!! She is truly Wonderwoman, right up there with the spectacular women she mentioned.

  • Ari these photos are fantastic! You're a star. And so is Zandra, obviously!

  • Fashionmista

    Absolute fashion icon. That outfit soooo fierce. Those silver leggings and the shoes. Gorgeous.

  • I lover her, she is so awesome 🙂

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  • respect for this fashion for older people. It;'s nice.

  • Oh, Zandra <3

  • you lucky thing, she is such a fabulous designer, glad you got a chance to meet her, love your blog, my late grandmother had a saying when I get old I will……., she was still saying that at 97, I love your portrayal of women, it is such a contrast to the general media

  • I would have been thrilled to meet Zandra too! She is TOO MUCH, in the very best way possible.

  • Pure inspiration. The confidence of knowing oneself is intoxidating.

  • Anonymous

    Love her pink hair! What a statement!
    Cathy G

  • K

    I'm so jealous that you got to meet one of your childhood idols!

  • Sandra is stunning beyond words, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • sacramento is right, miss sandra rocks this outfit!

  • Wow, she's a mixture of Tarantino and Betsey Johnson. Can I adopt her as a grandma?! 🙂

    -Iddie Doll

  • Inspirational woman and what a philosophy…"personality and jewellery conquers everything" Brava Zandra Rhodes and how fabulous you got to meet her 🙂

  • love her hair so much.