Blogger Love: Superbytimai

A few months ago a wonderful French blogger and beauty expert named Timai asked me if she could get in touch with Advanced Style’s Debra Rapoport to make a video. I love when other bloggers take an interest in these incredible ladies and couldn’t wait to see what Timai would come up with. I finally met up with her in Paris for my book signing event and we immediately hit it off. While in Paris Timai had the chance to make another great video of Joyce. Check out her wonderful website HERE and the two videos of Joyce and Debra.

  • love these videos! so inspiring to be true to yourself!

  • Incredible women! I am learning so much right now!

  • These were great!! I always say it…I love this blog 😀


    Your blog is so wonderful and Im following…I hope you follow me also:)

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    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  • Joyce is perfect. Such simplicity. So classy. So…… Perfection for her age.

    Thank you…

  • I love watching Debra put on her makeup – such yummy colours, and her hair looks fab here. I liked what she said about the difference between tenderness and love–she's right that no one speaks about tenderness anymore, but everyone talks about love, even though many of them don't know what it means.

  • How wonderful to discover that Joyce SINGS as well!

  • Thanks for your video!1

  • Merci beaucoup Ari! these incredible ladies and yourself are showing us the way!
    I had so much emotions and pleasure to meet Joyce and Debra; hope to see you all soon n NYC!

  • I love the Debra video. It captures her so perfectly.
    Just joy.

  • So brilliant!!!

  • This is great! Yes, this is about listening to our 'elders' or 'teachers' or the 'wise ones'. Your great models could teach a course on style. I hope one day they will.

  • Rebecca

    I absolutely loved these films about my favorite Advanced Style ladies Joyce and Debra. Thanks for this posting.

  • Carol

    I loved it !
    I'm posting looks from Los Angeles and summer accessories:

  • Joyce is so elegantly beautiful and in a natural way – I love her philosophy about style and life itself. Thank you for sharing with us all these fabulous women!