I asked Isabel about her style and she responded, “I’m too old to think
about what other people want me to look like. I just wear what I wish.
I’m a woman and its a pleasure to be  a woman and to have fun with fashion, like with my blue hair

  • What a fantastic attitude!


  • She has fabulous style!

  • I do love Isabel's blue streak! A few years back I had an identical style haircut with a vibrant streak of purple! I also love her glasses they complement her look completely! Sharon:)

  • T.

    Wow, her hair looks so cool! If middle-aged women wear blue, pink or purple streaks this can sometimes look tasteless (like they are trying to hard to look young), but in her case it just looks cool. Maybe it's the fact that she kept the rest of the hair grey, I don't know.

  • Anonymous

    Finally someone interesting who doesn't look like a clown.

  • She's wearing such a fabulous skirt.

  • Wow! I love Isabel's style.

  • Oh I do like Isabel.

  • Love her style, very cool!

  • Can you tell us more about Isabel? I LOVE her blue hair and exquisitely funky outfit.

  • Me encanta su look!

  • great hair 🙂

  • Great attitude! I love her outfit and her blue hair.

  • Love her attitude! 🙂

  • if there is one thing I would do in an Altered Life it would be to dye my hair blue/red/purple….

  • I love this look – I am impressed by the way which the delicated decoration on the jacket and skirt matches the hair in this way. Very chic and, like all the women of Adcanced Style, an inspiration. 🙂

  • She has the same kind of style as my old French teacher. They both look like super classy ladies. Love the look!

    Et tu, tutu?

  • I love these hair colors on these beautiful women you're showing. I just may change my color next week….hmmmm

  • I like her.

  • I love seeing older women play with bold colours in their hair – the blue is very striking! I really like the shape and detailing on the jacket.

  • I love her attitude!

  • Wish I knew where she found the jacket!

  • She is fabulous…I adore her style. I have actually been contemplating green streaks in my hair…I may just have to do it!

  • Evalyn

    Such lovely skin, and just the right glasses for her face.

  • İt's so interesting.i like her style:) just amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Love the whole look!
    Cathy G

  • love the mix of color… interesting

  • Lynne97060

    I am so in love with her jacket…

  • lee

    It seems to me what these ladies have in common is that they are filthy rich! That's why I like the thrift shop lady she is my favourite.

  • Ari – love your blog and book. Since I am now 'advanced' its fun to see just how wonderful we can look as we advance further along. But you need to add my friend Margy to your list of the most stylish women. She lives near Santa Barbara and she sews most of her fabulous clothes! Take a look –

  • your hair really show beautiful facial structure.they all make up a stunning post!& i see so much of your spirit in these incredible work.

  • I just LOVE this blog!!! Great idea and amazing outfit 🙂 who cares about age?
    If you want, come and visit my blog, I'd be very happy

    Greetings from Italy <3

  • Anonymous

    i love this look! please-more of her. she is an advanced version of bjork! how cool is that?!