Lanvin Casts 62-Year-Old Tziporah Salamon in Their Fall 2012 Campaign

Now that has released the full Lanvin campaign, I am excited to reveal the fact that 62 year old Tziporah Salamon is one of the stars of this ground breaking ad. Tziporah is a well known personal stylist, fashion consultant, and performance artist living in New York. A favorite of Bill Cunningham’s and one  of the stars of my book and upcoming documentary, this is Tziporah’s first appearance in a major fashion ad campaign. I asked Tziporah how it feels to be recognized by a major fashion label and she told me,” I am totally honored, jazzed, and thrilled. I am so grateful for this opportunity. In my early 20s I would have never realized that I could do something like this. It wasn’t until I was in my 40s that I began to see my beauty. By then I felt that there weren’t many opportunities for older models.  How ironic is it that i am having my big break as a model in my 60s? This is a great day!”

Bravo to Lanvin for recognizing advanced beauty in this wonderful campaign!!!

  • I'm so happy about this. She is gorgeous and will be a benefit to our representation of classy mature women with style!

  • Your blog is now my regular fix – the place to go when I want to feel good. What a beautiful stunning woman and such style and pizzaz! Sharon

  • This woman is beautiful. I just turned 60 and love being in my 30 something brain. Fashion in color and texture

  • Oh wow – it just gets better and better!

  • One mentor hit it in her 70's, making the wave bigger until she died at 80.

    Another mentor hit it in her 80's.

    Yes, I mean national magazine covers, international tv.

    They were gardeners.

    This isn't just about fashion!

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  • This is beyond exciting!!! I am thrilled to see Tziporah as part of Lanvin's ad campaign.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent! Her name means "bird" in Hebrew. So she's so FLY!

  • I've adored Tziporah's breathtaking style since I first saw her on your blog, and I am sooo stoked to see her in the Lanvin campaign! Bravo!

  • So many cool opportunities stem from the great work you've been doing Ari!

  • It's wonderful that high fashion houses also use older women in their campaigns! And what a gorgeous style this lady has!!

  • Wonderful Tziporah! How wonderful for you! Congratulations on this recognition of your talents.

  • This woman is Absolutely brilliant !!!

  • what an inspiration!

  • She's gorgeous and I love her style!

  • Fantastic! What a glamorous woman!


  • it's been a delight for years to see Ms. Salamon around town, whether on her bike, on a bus, or strolling along. She always sets a very high style standard, full of wit, whimsy, and a great sense of color, proportion and costume history.


  • lanvin….wow! i love this blog!!!

  • Beautiful – inspiring! Bravo!

  • Fantastic…what great style and confidence she has. We need to all take a page from her book!

  • Fashionmista

    Cngratulations to her.Richly deserved and also testimony to your work Ari. She looks very fabulous in that Lanvin shot.

  • Loved the video! She is so right about how long it takes to find out that what a person does is not vain and to recognize themselves as artist. Using the body as a canvas is living art, I truly admire folks that are creative in their own style and can show it to the world, what a blessing.

  • The yellow hat is my favourite!

    Please take a look at my fashion illlustrations and art:


  • If I am half as glamorous as Tziporah when I am sixty I would be the happiest woman alive, it is great to see designers branching of from the stereotypical type cast and exploring a whole new dimension of fashion!

  • I wanna scream *uck yeah!!!! About time!!!! These women are truly groundbreaking and totally motivating and all inspiring. Tziporah said it best in this video, be your own art your own canvas.

    Ari I wanna give you a big ole squeeze!

  • Love this post! Truly stunning outfits! i honestly cant get enough of this blog. The posts are all such good treads and the photos are equally as beautiful.

  • You know, they are all unique.

  • I think you should change your blog photo more often. You have so many gorgeous women you might feature!

  • Congratulations for Tziporah and Jacquie! What a great opportunity!

  • Jeanne Lanvin would had her fun with that choice. It´s "a contrubution to the spell of femininity!"


  • She is beautiful! I am so excited to finally see women like this in fashion ads! Makes perfect sense!


  • She is beautiful and still very young. 78 years is approaching and I have been told with my petite size I should model.
    But – this One Woman now digs in the dirt surrounding her dream cottage….

  • Tziporah, rock on with your bad self! Ari, way to go!

  • you look stunning, I love the dark red fur jacket, sorry if I got the colour wrong.

    old is gold

    am following you now, hope you can follow me too, would mean alot because you have an inspiring blog and style.

  • i love the way that she wants to bring even the middle age people in fashion. Everyone should feel young, no matter what age they have, and this is the best example.I totally love it !

  • Some women fade as they age, others blossom. This lady has it taped. As I have aged, I have not changed my style one iota. Still wear big hats and very high heels — in all colours. Just turned 65 and bought four more hats, including a cowboy variety for The Calgary Stampede. Never let them see the whites of your eyes!

  • Rebecca

    Tziporah is an amazing woman. She has brought the art of style to a level we can only dream of.

  • Awn, Tziporah… I'm not lesbian, but I want marry this stylish woman and learn more and more about fashion!

  • I have the great honor to know this magnificent woman. She is indeed a beautiful painting – both inside and out. Matisse and Picasso in one. I am blessed to have this person as a "member of family who finds each other" – Creation, skilled artist and fellow Hungarian all in tandem.. How blessed we are..

    Debra W.

  • I have the great honor to know this magnificent woman. She is indeed a beautiful painting – both inside and out. Matisse and Picasso in one. I am blessed to have this person as a "member of family who finds each other" – Creation, skilled artist and fellow Hungarian all in tandem.. How blessed we are..

    Debra W.

  • Thank you, dear readers and friends, for all your kind words.

  • Janis

    Tziporah always wears hats that obscure her hair — it's wonderful to see her bare-headed, and she looks STUNNING!

  • Anonymous
  • Fantastic! She is looking so beautiful.

  • I am in love with her artistry …. a true true master!

  • perfomance artist meets fashion

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