Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Son

 I can’t go to San Diego and not meet up with one  of my favorite ladies and stars of my book, Ljubica Bogic. I originally met Lubi while she was visiting her daughter, Ivana, in New York City and found out that she lived in my hometown of San Diego. I have since photographed her on almost every trip back to see my family. Lubi and Ivana have a wonderful bond and a shared passion for art and fashion. My mother and grandmother were a huge inspiration on my own style development. They allowed me the freedom to dress up and colorfully express myself at a young age. I asked Lubi to share a little  about how she has influenced her daughter’s style. Check out her response below and a photo of my mom and I wearing coordinating colors!

Fashion and design are not my profession, nor a part of my
formal education. As a scientist in molecular biology, with a specialization in
molecular medicine, my professional life and interest evolve around creative
work in the medical/scientific field, which has diverse and numerous limits/constraints.
The scientist is a creative explorer; however, there are set rules and even
stricter standards that must be followed—by the book. In fashion, as my hobby,
it is quite the opposite: I feel fully FREE, and I am never judged by the critics
in the field.  Nevertheless, my
best critics in fashion are my husband, daughter and my dog….Ha! Ha! Thus, my
interest in fashion as an art form allows my creative thinking to materialize into
full freedom, or at least the illusion of a full freedom. In my mind there is
no existing scale in fashion; at least not to the same extent as in science.
How would I define my own style: simplicity, comfort, a clear-cut silhouette,
monochromatic, colorful accessories and else!
 I guess my style has rubbed off on my daughter. I always
supported her own creative thinking, yet I probably did shape her style to some
extent.  She grew up into a sophisticated
young person with her own unique style…..but fashion still continues to be our
special bond that translates into the formation of an additional dimension of our
friendship. As we go different ways in style, our fashion interests bond us in
a distinctive way. We often exchange fashion opinions, build exceptional creative
dialogs, and review the art of fashion. My daughter lives in NYC, and I am in
San Diego. Very often she sends me a phone picture of a window display in the city,
or a fashion piece worth the attention. Then, we usually build a discussion
around our opinions and ideas of a piece. Often, she asks for my advice. If I
do not like something, it does not mean that she won’t get it. However, our
connection to fashion links us in an interesting way, and broadens our

Did I influence my daughter’s style? I do not know. Maybe to
some extent I did. Most importantly, I encouraged her to develop her own
creative style. I am happy that two of us can play and dance through life together
at many different levels.As for my Borzoi…..Ha! Ha! I do include her in my most
recent fashion expressions. This is my new puppy that I refer to as “my black
and white design”………so I try to match her color patterns….. CRAZY? Maybe not,
because BORZOI – “They are truly living and breathing works of art” (Joseph B. Thomas).My freedom of
expression translates into my fashion style. At present, I take inspiration
from the elegant, yet simple markings of my Borzoi. CRAZY? Maybe not, because “Only
great minds can afford a simple style” (Stendhal).

[Mom and Me]
  • Yes,yes.)

  • Another stunning article Ari. As always.

    I'm sure many more of us would adopt our parents' style if they were dressed as beautifully as Lubi!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I adore this woman's style, her flair, her creative elegance. She is one of my two favorite style icons. It's always a thrill to find her as the subject of your blog, especially as we share so many ideas of dressing. It is rare for me to see images that I can relate or aspire to. Not only do I love her wardrobe choices but get inspired by her accessory choices. Kudos to you & her.

  • What a beautiful picture of you and your Mom Ari!

  • This lady has "it" in spades. You can tell she is a scientist, her outfits have symetry and balance. And of course, is that not a mustang I see parked in her garage? She must look great tooling around in it.

  • Those photos are amazing! Thank you for making such inspiring posts. 🙂

  • I love how she uses cheerful orange as an accent color!

  • Adorables!!
    Me encanta. <3

  • The dressing inspiration is more between my daughters and myself.
    Brilliant post, Ari.

  • Ahhhh, so stylish and photographed so well.

  • love the photo of you and your mom. thanx for another great post

  • Ari–How wonderful to meet your lovely mother! Love the mother daughter photos. And those big white pants are the perfect thing for the beach.

  • tziporahsalamon

    Love this post. Love Lubi's style. And LOVE the picture of you and your mother. So good to see your mother on your blog. As the daughter of an incredible woman with amazing style, I salute all mothers who impact the sartorial choices of their children. In fact, I salute all mothers, period.

  • I love all of these photos, they feel they have is such a warm inviting one. i especially like picture under the bridge with water surrounding everything.
    My Nana was an extremely glamourous woman, and loved to dress up, she even had a whole room in her house dedicated to being a boudoir.

  • GREAT post … love the mom/son photo.

  • K

    I love it! My mom and I don't share our sense of style, but I have had some hand-me-downs from her that I've loved and she occasionally asks for my advice. :o)

  • Okay, Ari, I have to admit, I am only 51 years young, but when I'm a little older I've decided I'm going to dress like these beautifully clothed women! A true inspiration! I love your mother's hat! Have a lovely week! Sharon 🙂

  • Your blog is so beautiful and refreshing. My 93 Spanish grandmother would never let her hair go white and I love that defiance of old age and that youthful spirit. I hope to be as elegant as these women in your blog as I grow older!

  • Your Mama is gorgeous and so are all these pictures! I'll in San Diego this Friday visiting my family, it always feels good going home!

  • Me han llenado de una inmensa tranquilidad y paz estas fotografías, se nota que ella es especial. Abrazos.

  • Lubi always looks so effortlessly elegant in her signature style of monochromatic clothing and colourful accessories. I think it's very cool that her dog matches her style sensibility! I love the photo of you and your Mom in your bold summer patterns.

  • what a stylish lady! there's something incredibly captivating about the first photo.

  • I've loved Lubi's style since I first saw her on Advanced Style and appreciate her mother/daughter connection and her interesting life. You and your Mom appear so happy together in this special photo.

  • Love it! And so sweet to see a picture of you and your mom! She looks great!


  • Dear Lubi
    Please may I have your dynamic silver cuffs. I need them in my life.
    Thank you.

  • OH MY GOODNESS>>>>>So beautiful, and we have the EXACT SAME DOG!!!! Mine is Nina and if you look on my blog you will see her. She just had her first birthday.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, I've gone back to these pictures over and over. I adore her style. I would love to know the designer of her fabulous white linen outfit and where she got it. I love it so much!

  • Libby

    Your mother is beautiful Ari. How proud she must be of you!

  • So pretty. You just inspired me to a great gift for my mother. She never knows what to wear anymore because of her aging. I will make a small lookbook of your blog and give it to her as inspiration. Hope she likes it. And thank you for the great posts! 🙂 Tschüss, Valery

  • Deborah

    Please tell Lubi I miss her very much and share with her a daughter who also has stood apart with her style. Deborah