Olivia Batchelder

Olivia Batchelder is an incredible artist and designer living in Laguna Beach. Her style is as laid back and artful as her incredible spirit. She is wearing one of her wonderful hand painted silk jackets in the photo above. Check out more of her fantastic work HERE.

  • Love her. Thanks for the link to her site, beautiful work.

  • What a beautiful woman !

  • She has beautiful hair, and that is a stunning jacket. I would love to own one of her pieces!

  • Wow, what an interesting and beautiful woman. I checked out her blog and it's awesome. She does great work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Very lovely. I was going to say right away how wonderfully her clothing suits her. After realizing they are her designs I can see why she is so "one" with them. They are part of her.

  • Beautiful woman and beautiful work she does!

  • I love purple. Absolutely GREAT!

  • Ari thank you for showing "California Style"….I absolutely adore and LOVE the New York, East Coast style…..but we California girls have a "different" way of dressing. Thank you, thank you.

  • I love her long naturally grey hair and I'm hoping I will be able to do the same one day! She's beautiful and I popped over to her website – her art is incredibly beautiful too! Sharon x

  • FP

    Such a unique blog…thanks for the inspiration!


  • I love that beautiful purple cardigan! =)


  • Anonymous

    beautiful style….and beautiful hair….beautiful lady

  • You right, she is amazing woman!
    I can't believe that she painted this jacket by herself. Amazing works!

    Regards, poetrydetail.blogspot.com

  • Love the design of this outfit. Beautiful!

  • I love your blog and the focus on stylish women AND men. I found your project on Kickstarter and was just entranced. I've done a spot on it and directed people to your blog on my own brand new blog – Live Young Die Old. Here's the link in case you'd like to stop by.


  • She LOOKS like a designer and artist – something incredibly bohemian-esque and free-spirited about her. I love the silk jacket and am now clicking on the link. 🙂