“Personality and Jewelry Will Conquer Everything”- Zandra Rhodes

I few backs I met  Zandra Rhodes, one of my childhood heroes, at my book signing in London. I told her how my mom first introduced me to her work and how we were always on the look out for her when we would go shopping in San Diego. Last week Zandra invited us over for dinner at her place. We had a splendid time and got some great photos by the beach. When I asked Zandra about her style secrets she exclaimed, “Personality and jewelry will conquer everything.” The Advanced Ladies and I wholeheartedly agree!

  • She's absolutely right about jewellery and personality. But I would add shoes to the mix. Nothing cancels out a great outfit like the wrong pair of shoes. Think about a great pair of jeans worn with running shoes. Then think about the same jeans paired with high-heeled sandals. Totally different looks.

  • Anonymous

    I believe she has enough personality that she really doesn't need the jewelry! Lovely.

  • OMG! I can't believe you had dinner with Zandra Rhodes – that is too cool for words, as is she. I love the head to toe pink! She is right on the money about the jewellery and the personality, both of which she has buckets.

  • Zandra has brilliant style!

  • She is so fun. Great hair!

  • Right on! She's got a fantastic style too. Wish I could meet her!

  • OMG those shoes are awesome!

  • Omg, you are so lucky girl ! Absoliutely amazing styling!!!

  • Me encanta, que mujer tan esplendida.

  • Absolutely true! As I get older, I care so much more about a person's character. It's great to have fun with fashion and jewelry, but truly, it's the inner you that shines through. That is what people react to.

  • ¡Fantástica!

    The outfits of my dreams

  • Jewelry for her is just an addition. An addition to being fantastic in any fashion

  • She is amazing!Love her!

  • Wow she's so colorful!! she looks like she's a wonderful person 🙂 ooh and I love her glasses.

  • OMG it's me as an older woman. I love her. Why did I never see people with this much style in San Diego?

  • She is divine!
    It's so refreshing to hear someone speak about how valuable having character is, rather than looking how everyone else does. She isn't a slave to fashion, and it's so very inspiring!

    The Lovelorn

  • I love all this pink

  • Jealous of the fact that you had tea with Zandra Rhodes – this is such a delicious, coulourful, bold outfit. I only wish I'd ever be brave enough to wear this at any point during my life – because it is not only a style statement, it's a statement about character and not being afraid to be yourself.
    I love her style tips, proves what a character she is and I also sleep with my make-up on, but mainly because I'm too lazy to take it off at night. 🙂

  • this lady is def stylin'! older folks can def be stylish too and your blog is showing that to many ppl in the world. great blog, keep it up!


  • Anonymous

    Love this video, as all of them. However as in most, the person being interviewed is very hard to hear! Made me stop watching before it was over. Please please please put the microphone closer to these gorgeous women!

    I love what you do!!


  • She looks so cool! What an awesome personal style


  • Sensational …. Beautiful lady … Proof of good taste.

    something to explore

  • Hello Seth,

    Congratulations on your successful showcase of remaining stylish as we advance in years…

    At age 88 myself, I still dress to the nines, complete with jewellery that you might say, complements my personality.

    Zandra Rhodes is a fabulous example of 'daring to be different' or daring to be oneself!

    By the way, your site is on my blogroll at http://www.suzannetony.wordpress.com

    Your Malaysian fan,