Sally Thornton in San Diego

I am in San Diego for a little while to visit with my family and capture a bit of California’s Advanced Style. Yesterday I caught up with Sally Thornton at Thornton Winery. I have admired Sally’s fantastic style since I was a little kid. My mom and I would see her shopping at Neiman Marcus all the time and always enjoyed seeing her wonderful outfits. Although I am based out of New York City its great to see that there are people with Advanced Style in every city!

  • OMG,Sally is dreamy!!!
    I'm nearly swooning with the amazing inspirations you bring us! Bless! X

  • Wow, what fantastic make up!


  • She is gorgeous!!!

  • Amazing and stylish person! I love this style and Your Energy!

  • She is rocking the polka dots!!! I love this, especially since my home town is San Diego and sometimes I feel like that place lacks any real style. Sally looks adorable! Enjoy that sunshine 🙂

  • It's amazing how she has black & white polka-dotted eyes, too!

  • Wow! She looks like a movie star. I love the polka dots, her accessories and her make-up.

  • Her outfit is gorgeous. but her eyes are scary. She is so pretty, just her.

  • She just radiates, doesn't she? I have loved checking in with your blog and am glad that someone is taking the time to see the beauty of women of a certain age! Thanks so much for your insight!!

  • How nice to have seen this elegant lady's style through the years. Lucky you!

  • The lady is so fashiong!!

  • WOW!!Amazing!!!

  • Looks like Audrey Hepburn.

  • Looks like Audrey Hepburn.

  • Er hello! Exquisite!

  • Very classy. I like your style and courage to wear extravagance. You look gorgeous.

  • Being glamorous chooses no age. She looks so chic and classy! Her looks is definitely so iconic!

  • K
  • Beautiful. Your blog is such an inspiration. I look forward to every single post 😉

  • Evalyn

    what a lovely polka dot outfit. So well coordinated! Love the shoes.

  • Gorgeous, looks like a sweetheart!

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    Congrats for your blog btw, it’s awesome!

  • Beautiful Sharp Elegant Put together lovely
    So glad I found this blog
    Kuddos to you all
    Thanks so much for sharing

  • Wow, what beautiful photos! Those shoes have been on my wishlist and that dress is amazing- they go great together. Love your style!

  • mrsjay

    I love your appreciation and enthusiasm for our wise ones…So many don't have appreciation and respect for them as it used to be back in the day when we were kids…meanwhile they don't know what wisdom, experience and awesome personalities they are missing out on when overlooked..this is such a nice blog…

  • Soooooooooooooo chicccccccc

  • Anonymous

    Love everything except eyemakeup!!

  • Anonymous

    She could be a very attractive. However her makeup is clownish. I used to think your site was designed to highlight beautiful older women. But, of late most of them are just ridiculous looking. Throwing on any old thing in one's closet is not my idea of style.

  • Sufiya

    I agree. That would be too much eye makeup even on a woman a THIRD her age. She looks like Ronald McDonald's mother in law! And she's already an attractive woman; she doesn't need it; at least not THAT much of it! It pushes a look that could be so fabulous into the "ridiculous" zone. Too bad!

  • Nice, but the eyes are a little too much. Love the polka dots!

  • Anonymous

    Sally has wonderful style, the outfit indeed is gorgeous. As a makeup artist, though, I would've chosen a little more subdued eyes, to make her even more glamorous. The graphic eye color is not so becoming of a woman with mature skin. In fact, it would look drag queen-esque on any woman.

  • Anonymous

    Sally is an inspiration! I was lucky enough to have waited on her many times at Jane's Fabriques in La Jolla and she was always, always lovely, kind, thoughtful and knew exactly what she wanted! It was a pleasure to see her walk in the door!